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8 Top Core Elements of Effective Website Copywriting

How to craft copywriting that doesn't put new visitors to sleep and doesn't project them to the competition once they wake up.

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Ediwriter | January 2024

Discover Why Your Website Visitors Don't Convert and Your Sales Hit Bottom

A professional second opinion on your website's performance can save you long hours of screen staring and head scratching. But most importantly, it can discover the problems that prevent your visitors to convert.

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Ediwriter | December 2023

Humanize AI-generated Content to Stop Targets From Running For the Hills

Yes, AI can definitely automate the content writing process. But without the touch of breathing writers, the AI generated content will impress mainly fellow robots.

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Ediwriter | July 2023

Improve Your Website and Online Sales. Or Hibernate...

You have a choice. You can make periodic improvements to your design and content to boost your performance and sales, or you can settle with what you have now and keep sending new visitors to the competition.

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Ediwriter | September 2022

How to Solve the Web Content Writing Paradox

Yes, it's the heavy bots that attract agile users to your website. But how do you retain the attention of agile users with short-copy, while feeding the content-starving bots with long-copy?

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Ediwriter | August 2022

What Happens In Vegas... Should Happen on Google's SERPs!

Google should start shuffling its search results! Yes, you read it right. For each search, Google should choose the best 30-50 (or maybe more) results and shuffle them constantly on its SERPs. But would they do it?...

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Ediwriter | June 2022

The Critical Impact of Performance Website Redesign

When landing on your website, people will buy your products or services ONLY if they feel confident enough to trust you. A poorly designed website will make a bad first impression and ruin their confidence, sending them directly to your competition.

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Ediwriter | June 2022

Should We Start Ordering Vitamin-C Cocktails On Romantic Dates?

A new research warns that the portrayal of alcohol as necessary for a vibrant social life, and the assumption that moderate drinking can offer protection against cardiovascular disease, are wrong and misleading...

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Ediwriter | February 2022

Top Reasons to Request a Free Website Critique Report

I've just received an email from the CEO of a fintech company. He was extremely frustrated after trying to use a few online tools for analyzing his website...

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Ediwriter | January 2022

A Tough Choice for Content Writers

The other day I was searching for a new dash camera. You know, the tinny little cameras you attach to the car's dashboard or windshield...

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Ediwriter | January 2022

Content vs. Search Paradox

How do you feed content-hungry search bots without assaulting human visitors with content overloaded pages that will definitely send them running for the hills...

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Ediwriter | November 2021

The Deceiving Concept Behind the Google Ads Platform

I have a serious problem with the deceiving concept behind the Google Ads platform, which uses the fake request for advertising relevance as a pretext to boost profits...

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Ediwriter | September 2021

The Intimidating Foreplay of Stimulating Articles

So I see a nice headline that attracts my attention and click it vigorously, expecting to explore some new exciting information, find answers to questions. But instead...

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Ediwriter | August 2021

Reading Their Minds Helps Writing Your Messages

One of the most important keys to your business growth and online success is to understand customer behavior in order to predict expectations and plan your content marketing...

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Ediwriter | April 2021



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