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humanize AI-generated content

Combining AI with EI In Marketing and Advertising

Rephrase AI-Generated Content to Induce Emotions

Writing web content using AI is fine, because AI is great for brainstorming, research, and information deployment. It’s fast, knowledgeable and effective.

The problem though is that AI doesn't have feelings and can't express any emotions when writing content. AI lacks Emotional Intelligence, which is critical for writing effective marketing or advertising content.

So if you are using AI-generated content on your website without changing it, you are making a big mistake! AI's lines of text can't understand your customers' needs, feelings and emotions. They can't feel empathy for your customers' problems. After reading the AI-written content, your website's visitors will feel repelled and will move on to your competition.

humanize ai-generated content

The Devastating Impact of Dejavu Content

AI can deliver large amounts of information, it can offer guides and instructions, but it will fail to engage your customers on emotional grounds.

This is why most AI-generated texts feel flat, with a strong sense of sameness.

Emotional Intelligence is essential for communicating with your customers, because unlike AI, it can build trust and strengthen confidence. You can offer great prices or promotions, but if your targets don't trust you and if they don't feel that you truly care about their needs and problems, they won't do business with you.

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humanizing ai-generated content

Rephrase AI Content into Embracing Wording

If you are an ambitious market leader, you want your content to stand out from the crowd, not to sound like every other website in your market. You want your messages to create impact and instill confidence, not bore targets with endless chunks of flat, overused messages.

If you are not satisfied with an AI-generated text, AI gives you a second chance by offering you to click on "regenerate".

But if your targets are not satisfied with your AI-generated text, they will not give you another chance!

From Artificial to Emotional Intelligence

Using Emotional Intelligence in your content will foster a sense of authenticity and sincerity, affecting your targets' decisions. Your content will be persuasive and highly effective in driving them to action and increasing conversion rates.

Unfortunately, freelance and in-house writers rely too heavily on AI tools to write their sales copy, content, and social media updates. As a result, texts and messages start looking generic, flat and boring.

Today, companies and businesses that have invested huge resources in building their unique brands, are getting truly annoyed by the devastating results of AI-generated content.

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AI-generated content fixing

Are you struggling with AI-generated content?

Not sure what's the best way to use it?

Let me help you humanize your AI content!

It's fast, effective and affordable.

This could be one of your best marketing decisions!

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Manual Content Resuscitation

High quality content which is based on both AI and EI, can be a game-changer for ecommerce and business websites. Such well crafted content will enable websites to communicate with their prospects effectively, build trust and rapport, and ultimately convert them into loyal clients.

Breaking down barriers with total strangers and overcoming objections can't be achieved with machine-written texts and messages. When using AI content, the ability to control customers' emotions and respond appropriately can be achieved only if a human professional edits it by inducing proper emotional intelligence.

If you are among the businesses that use AI-generated content and need to humanize it, contact me now!

humanize AI-generated content

Let's Get Started

My content improvement services will bridge the gap between AI knowledge and human wisdom. I will breathe life into your messages and create a connection with your audience that only human-written content can achieve.

I have years of experience crafting compelling, persuasive content that resonates with audiences. I will adapt and fine-tune your AI-generated content to suit your specific goals and target audience.

Contact me now. Whether a touch-up or a complete content overhaul, don't settle for mediocre AI-generated content. Let's work together to improve your website!


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