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How to Solve the Web Content Writing Paradox

The exponential web content writing as a solution to the content paradox.

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Bots Starve For Content.

Users Crave For Focus.

Ediwriter | August, 2022

Search engines favor web pages with long copy over web pages with short and focused texts. That's a fact.

It probably makes sense, because the more content search bots dig into, the easier for them to understand what the content is about and index the relevant search terms.

But that's not the case with human visitors who land on your website. Visitors who land on your web pages prefer content that is short and easy to scan. They have little patience for content that doesn't engage them and wastes their time.

Keep in mind!

Search engines don't buy your products or services. Only people do.

So how can you solve this content writing paradox?

Yes, it's the search bots that attract agile users to your website. But how do you retain the attention of agile users with short-copy while feeding the content-starving bots with long-copy?

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Bots Dig Content. Users Scan Content.

Studies show that when landing on an average web page, users will scan at most 25% of the content. They will examine the headlines, the overall layout, the images and maybe a few subheaders or calls to action. That's it.

Your website visitors' attention is always on the move and they read in short beats. To capture and retain their attention you need to break your content into small chunks and keep it short.

Originating from the field of cognitive psychology, content chunking helps users process, understand, and remember your messages far better than after reading long blocks of text.

The Exponential Content Solution to the Content Paradox

So on the one hand, you have to feed the starving bots with text, otherwise your web pages won't rank well on search engines and users won't find you. On the other hand, if the content is exhausting, the incoming traffic will become outgoing traffic and your profits will hit rock bottom.

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How can we write both long copy and short copy at the same time you ask? Very simple: write for humans first and only then fill up the page with the exhausting information.

Website visitors on the rush will get all the information they need as short, focused messages, and the bots will have plenty of content to dig into along the overloaded web page.

Boosting Profits Is Not a Sin

I hear you asking... isn't it a sin to deceive and trick search engines? The answer is NO! The ambiguous content writing solution is not some black hat practice to trick or spam search engines. It's a very useful and effective solution designed to solve the website content writing paradox.

For mobile users it's even critical!

Today, most web access and social media activities take place on smartphones. For mobile users, long copy and endless scrolling can be disastrous. Most of them will just rush to the back button and run for the hills. The exponential content writing solution will prove to be a huge relief for mobile users.

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