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Should We Start Drinking Vitamin-C Cocktails On Romantic Dates?

Time for medical research to use content marketing to deploy information and guide the public.

Ediwriter | February, 2022

The World Heart Federation has released a new medical research, claiming that "no amount of alcohol is good for the heart". The research follows a recent report in The Lancet, which found that "there is no safe level of alcohol consumption".

The research warns that the portrayal of alcohol as necessary for a vibrant social life, and the assumption that moderate drinking can offer protection against cardiovascular disease, are wrong and misleading.

Ok, great. But now what?!

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What are we, the regular people, supposed to do with this information?

Should we start drinking vitamin-C cocktails on romantic dates? Should I convince my friends to meet on Saturday night at the pub and go wild with a few shots of chamomile lemongrass tea? Should I raise a toast of magnesium citrate on my next birthday?...

Yes, alcohol consumption is a major health problem which is deeply rooted in our social life. But conducting this important research, publishing it to the public and then going home to relax with a glass of... mineral water, is not good enough. It's actually completely and totally useless.

Medical Research as a Double-Edged Sword

On the one hand, we are all exposed to industry-supported and financed research. These studies have the potential to be biased. Corporate ties with research are problematic because the design of these studies is heavily warped in favour of a positive result.

When industry financed research leads to the "desired" or "pre-defined" results, it usually marks the beginning of a powerful advertising campaign, based on extensive content marketing. That's when we excitedly embrace the breaking news that moderate amounts of alcohol is good for cardiovascular health, that a certain face lotion will turn us into beautiful super models, or that whey protein powder will make us look just like The Rock.

On the other hand, non funded scientific studies end up with basic limited publications, usually in medical media. Sometimes, like in the case of the World Heart Federation, the study may be quoted in public media, but with no followup.

Unfortunately, it generates nano-impact. In the best case scenario, it can drag humoristic posts on social media, or a new round of shots during social meetings.

Content Marketing For Non Funded Medical Research Is Critical

Alcohol consumption can't be stopped or even reduced overnight, no matter how severe the new studies' findings and conclusions are. The job of the honorable scientists who conducted this research should not be over once the conclusions are published. The conclusions must be followed with an effective content marketing campaign designed to curb alcohol consumption by brainwashing the public.

The big question though is who takes on the challenge of explaining the meaning and implications of the new findings. Will the World Health Organization manage the content marketing campaign, or will the vigilant alcohol industry step in to convince us that the latest studies have been conducted by recovering alcoholics?

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