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Google Should Start Shuffling Search Results

For each search, Google should choose the best 30-50 (or maybe more) results and shuffle them constantly on its SERPs. But would they do it?...

shuffle search results

What Happens in Vegas... Should Happen on Google's SERPs!

Ediwriter | June, 2022

Yes, You Read It Right

For almost every search, Google selects and rates all the indexed web pages related to the specific search. It then creates a long list of results and divides them into search results pages (SERPs). Users will usually browse the first 1-3 results pages and ignore the rest.

The results are pretty static and fluctuations are rare and hardly noticed.

An Engine That Needs To Be Fixed

Since Google's algorithm is far from being perfect, you don't have to be an SEO genius to see that most of the time, the results on the first or second page are not necessarily better than the results on the 5th or 12th page.

And if you look further, you'll see that many times there is little difference between web pages that are listed on the first, second, or 19th SERPs.

google results shuffle

It is true - indexing and rating billions of websites each and every day is a very complex and challenging job.

But Google shouldn't get stale, it should keep improving!

Websites Should Deserve Their Positions

The large industry of "SEO experts" complicates things even more. Playing around with lots of "optimization" elements (some of them pretty trivial and banal), SEO experts manage to push up web pages that don't necessarily deserve their top positions.

For example, since Google gives much higher priority to content-overloaded pages over content-focused pages, any SEO expert who fills up a web page with endless blah-blah will gain a higher position than a professional who just writes down her most important messages.

I'm not blaming Google, I'm just suggesting that it's time to move on. It's time to drop this static and antique noticeboard we all got used to, and move on to a much more effective method.

google results shuffle

For each search, Google should choose the best 30-50 (or maybe more) results and shuffle them while displaying its results pages. This way users will be exposed to a much more versatile, robust, and useful list of options. The shuffle may occur at pre-defined intervals, though I'm sure that Google's engineers will know how to implement the change.

Will Google adopt this method? Personally, I'm pretty skeptical. Why? Because higher-quality organic search results may affect the huge profits Google earns from its Ads platform.

Correct me if I'm right or... totally right.

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