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A Tough Choice for Content Writers

Ediwriter | February, 2020

The other day I was searching for a new dash camera. You know, the tinny little cameras you attach to the car's dashboard or windshield. Your most reliable and devoted witness in case of an accident.

Almost as usual, the Googling process became exhausting and annoying very fast. Mostly because of two reasons: Amazon affiliates and the introduction addiction.

The tough choice for website content writers

The former is obvious. Lots and lots of "the best dash cameras in 2022" articles, most of which display lists of cameras with links to Amazon. The value of these professional recommendations is questionable, but Google gives them a high priority.

The second reason is the common addiction of writers to long and useless introductions. I mean many blog posts and articles that start with endless explanations on what the dash cameras are, why do I need them, or why they are important for professional drivers.

Since my search was intended to find a good dash camera for my car, it means that I already know what they are and why I need them. And since I didn't search for a good dash camera for Uber or track drivers, why would I need to read information about these specific cameras?

Here's an intro example...

"There are many different types of dash cams with different features and price points so it is important to consider what you will be using your dash cam for and who will be using the dash cam."

Really?! Dash cameras have more than one feature? They don't all have the same price? That's amazing!

Obviously, this sentence is totally useless. Its only purpose is to fill up space and make the article longer.

Here's another intro example...

"What do you want to use your dash cam for? Depending on your needs and the type of driver you are, you might be interested in different features and models."

Assuming I'm not some deranged driver looking to use the dash camera for taking pictures of gorgeous women, I guess I'll be using it like most drivers - to gain evidence in case of accident disputes.

No doubt, another phrase designed to fill up space.

But truth is, the addiction to useless introductions is Google's fault. It's mostly because of the gourmand bots that reward overloaded web pages and give them higher priority on search results. As a result, bloggers and article writers are forced to overfeed the bots, wasting the precious time of their human readers.

Fact is we live in a world where only short/focused messages go through. No wonder Tiktok is the most popular app. Until Google decides to adapt its algorithm to the future of content deployment, writers will have to make a tough choice: feed the bots while driving away human targets or keep their professional dignity while risking their search rankings.

I've made my choice. What's yours?

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