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Pricing & Fees For Ediwriter's Creative Services

Whatever the size of your project, my affordable prices will help you scale.

Ediwriter's fees

Pay-As-You-Go Services

My convenient pay-as-you-go model offers significant advantages. It will not only give you full control over the development process, but it will also ensure that you're not flushing your budget down the drain.

Work with me and you'll feel confident with your decision!

Website Design

  • Elegant and trendy responsive design
  • Fast web pages and optimized images
  • Strong functional usability
  • Free ideas for a new slogan
  • Created by Eddie, no sub-contractors
  • Up to 10 average web pages


Website Content

  • Persuasive messages that lead to action
  • Attention grabbing headlines
  • Highly focused and concise texts
  • Confident writing voice that builds trust
  • Clear prioritization of marketing goals
  • Well structured navigation logic

$50+ / page

Website Review

  • Unbiased professional opinion
  • Design & layout review
  • In-depth content examination
  • Marketing structure analysis
  • Navigation examination
  • Practical advice for improvements


Fast Professional & Affordable

The fees for my professional services depend of course on the project's size, complexity and estimated time to completion. After receiving your brief and specific requests, I will send you a detailed plan, timeline and a quote.

My work on your project will begin upon receipt of the first payment. I make revisions free of charge, unless the requested revisions are based on a new project brief.

website content and design fees

Ask Me For a Quote!

The prices above are estimations for my creative services. For a prompt quotation on your specific project please fill out the form or email me directly at eddie@ediwriter.com.

I pledge to conduct all relationships with my clients in the most ethical and professional manner. I agree to comply with any restrictions that my clients place upon the data they give me. I never share clients information in any way and under no condition.

Let's get started! Fill out the short form and I'll send you my reply within less than 24 hours.

Eddie is a senior web branding adviser and consultant, specialized in building and scaling ambitious businesses.


"A creative choice if you are planning to rebrand or develop a new identity for your online business."

"Fresh thinking and original concepts in content deployment. Interesting directions for savvy marketers."



I am Eddie, owner of Ediwriter.com. I specialize in developing persuasive website content, producing creative branding and building powerful websites.

Ediwriter is all about creativity, insight and competence - the single most important elements that distinguish excellence from mediocrity. My work affects impressions, opinions and decisions. My job is to shape your business image and increase the credibility of your messages. I do that successfully since 2001. Work with me and you'll be proud of your choice!