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Content - Your Main Communication Hook

People come to your website to solve a problem or fulfill a specific need. My job as a content writer is to convince them that your product or service is precisely what they have been looking for.

Remember! Since you're not meeting your website visitors in person, you have only one single communication hook to grab their attention: CONTENT. Nothing else. You can't impress your new visitors with a fancy office, personal charisma or smooth talking. All you've got are the written words, the displayed images and your ability to combine them effectively.

If your content delivers persuasive messages, makes a good impression and instills confidence, Bingo! You've got a new sale and probably a new loyal client. Yes, even if your products are not the best on the market or even if your services are not the cheapest. If not, your disappointed or even frustrated visitor will click away looking for better solutions. Complex as that.

Content Writer Who Shapes Clients' Confidence

Persuasive, well written website content is critical to your online performance because only confident clients can make buying decisions. But by persuasive content I don't mean basic descriptive or technical information deployment, because plain information will not sell anything. To be persuasive and sell your products or services, your website's content must...

  • capture your visitors' attention
  • make a good first impression
  • deliver well phrased clear messages
  • focus on benefit-oriented statements
  • look authoritative
  • instill confidence

Remember: you have a very short opportunity to do all that!

content writer who generates confidence

From Tough Challenges to Smart Decisions

Today's users are extremely busy. While landing on your website, their attention is divided between many tasks, distractions and points of interest. Attracting and sustaining their attention is a very tough challenge. Add to it the fierce business competition and you can see why those first page-landing moments are so crucial.

NO WAY you can attract your visitors' attention with overloaded pages, endless self-superlatives, pompous hype, cluttered navigation, poor phrasing and bad headlines. Yes, even if you offer great products or services!

That's why you need a professional website content writer to phrase your messages and shape your image. A specialized website content writer who can strengthen your visitors' confidence and convince them that they are doing the right thing. Remember: well written texts and effective messages are paramount to your website's success. No shortcuts, no compromises!

The 3 Essential Steps to Keep Your Visitors Engaged


focused website content

People are extremely skeptical and impatient and their time is very limited. Most of your new visitors will not take the time to read every single word on your web page. They will mainly scan the headings and images, trying to evaluate benefits. So keep your content short and relevant.


simplified website content

Strive for clarity and reduce page congestion! If you assault visitors with too much content, choices, images, graphic features, piles of navigation and loads of links, you'll leave them confused and exhausted. Clicking away is much easier than struggling to understand your content.


website content that makes good impression

Your website's visitors despise sales pressure, sales jargon or texts stuffed with clichés and self-superlatives. They do appreciate though opened straightforward communication. They are not necessarily expecting total perfection, but they are definitely appreciating integrity and honesty.

"A creative choice if you are planning to rebrand or develop a new identity for your online business."

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"Fresh thinking and original concepts in content deployment. Interesting directions for savvy marketers."

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Let's Get Started!

If you need well structured and well phrased website content that can engage your audience and lead them to action, email me or use the form to contact me. I'll send you a prompt quote, together with a plan and useful guidelines.

If you already have a website and you want to improve it, ask me to send you a free website review report, including suggestion and ideas for immediate changes. If you don't have a website yet, I can build one from scratch.

The benefits to hire Ediwriter as your website content writer:

  • Powerful content written by a senior copywriter
  • Well phrased persuasive messages that lead to action
  • Effective prioritization of your marketing goals
  • Affordable prices with a high return on investment
  • All the projects are written and managed by Eddie

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