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"What Is Wrong With My Website?"

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what is wrong with my website

Identifying and Fixing Issues On Your Website Is Critical For Boosting Its Performance

Ediwriter | December, 2023

If you keep staring at your web pages again and again, trying to figure out what's wrong with them... If you scratch your head, wondering why visitors leave so soon and why your conversion rates are so low... If you are convinced that your products or services are great, but something is killing your visitors' confidence sending them away to the competition...

Then it's probably time to ask for an outside second opinion!

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what's wrong with my website

The Power of an Outside Second Opinion

By an outside second opinion I don't mean one of those basic online auditing or analytics tools. Those tools are very superficial and check mostly technical and operational problems.

I mean a professional second opinion of a human expert who can effectively review, analyze, and identify website problems. A specialized expert who can provide appropriate advice and support to troubleshoot the issues that affect the website's performance and profits.

Keep in mind!

Sometimes a few small improvements can dramatically increase your visitors' confidence, cut down their skepticism, and drive them to action.

what is wrong with my website

The First Impression Is Critical

You probably know it already: when new visitors land on your website, it takes them just a few seconds to decide whether to stay or leave. Their decision will depend to a large extent on the first impression!

Numerous factors that affect the first impression. The most important factors are speed and overall design. If the page is slow, your new visitors will not waste precious time waiting for the page to download. Also, they'll click away very quickly if the pages look outdated, cluttered or messy.

The next important factor is clarity. New visitors must understand immediately what you offer or how you can fulfill their needs. If they have to dig for information or struggle with annoying obstacles like popups or endless introductions, you have lost them.

what is wrong with my website

Keep in mind!

Confidence is key. If your design and content make a good first impression, that's a great start. If your messages build trust and credibility, you are in the right direction. But the slightest doubt, confusion, or disappointment, and they'll rush to the back button.

Why Are My Website Sales So Low?

I receive this type of questions on a daily basis:

  • My website traffic is fine but people don't buy. Why?
  • I've made a few design changes, and my sales have dropped. Why?
  • Visitors add products to the cart but they leave without buying anything. Why?
  • Users who land on my homepage leave without browsing my web pages. Why?
  • Etc...

You've got to stop this scenario! Don't let your visitors slip through the cracks and don't let your competitors leave you in the dust.

Sometimes, it takes only a few smart changes to make a huge difference!

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The 7 Main Components of the Website Review Report

  • Aesthetic appearance, which is of high priority. Your design must be in line with the latest trends.
  • Clarity, relevance and focus. Because today's users are busy, savvy and impatient.
  • Trust and confidence. If your website doesn't instill trust and confidence, users will click away to the competition.
  • Content structure. The way your web pages deliver and phrase information, messages and calls to action.
  • Content vs design vs layout.
  • Website navigation. An effective, intuitive navigation can help visitors find their way around and easily place orders.
  • Speed and the first impression. As explained above.
website improvements

Keep in mind!

Boring overused templates, broken assets, confusing navigation, and vague content will all end up sending your new visitors to the competition. Don't let it happen to you!

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Request a Free Review

With extensive professional experience, I have the insight and perspective to see what works and what doesn't, what builds confidence and what ruins your business image, what engages your visitors and what sends them away.

I specialize in converting outdated, cluttered or poorly structured websites into powerful and persuasive marketing tools that generate profits. Take advantage of my free website review and consultation services. Ask me for an unbiased professional opinion on what needs to be changed or improved on what you have now.

Let's work together to improve your website!


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