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The Content vs. Search Paradox

Ediwriter | October, 2018

It's extremely difficult today to cut through the noise and competition when driving traffic to a website. In fact it's pretty amazing to think of the endless alternatives your visitors have instead of spending those few seconds or minutes on your website.

But let's put the traffic generation aside for a moment and let's have a look at these new visitors.

The conservative approach is to blah-blah the new visitor to death. Most of us already know that today's visitors are impatient and that in just a few moments they'll click away. We already know that today's users don't read long texts or detailed explanations. And yet we can't help it, we still insist on buttering the page with information about our greatness.

It's not only our own fault as marketing experts or content writers. Search engines have a great share as well.

Search engines are based on verbal content. What this means is that if you want people to find your website on search results pages you must feed the engines with words. No words, no traffic. Complex as that.

So on one hand, what we really need are just a few images, a headline or two and maybe some short messages. That's all we need to attract visitors' attention and convert them. On the other hand if we do that, the hungry search bots will starve for food, meaning that our pages won't be properly indexed and won't drive traffic.

Take away solution: The Micro-Data Intro.

The Micro-Data Intro is a technique to serve the appetizer before chocking your visitors with detailed information. The more tasty and stimulating the appetizer, the higher the chances to retain visitors' attention and convince them to try the main course.

Ready to add the Micro-Data Intro to your marketing oriented web pages? Contact me now and let's get to work.




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