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Content For Humans vs. Content For Search

Ediwriter | March, 2020

Today it's extremely difficult to generate traffic, especially if you are operating in a crowded and highly competitive market. But let's assume that you have done a great SEO job, and users keep landing on your web pages, eager to buy your products or services.

That's fantastic! But now what?...

content vs search

How do you keep them on the website, maintain their interest and curiosity, and strengthen their confidence? Which content structure should you use to convince them that you are their best choice and that they should pull out their credit cards?

From the SEO point of view, you must now blah-blah your new visitors to death with long and detailed content. Search engines' bots are content-starving creatures and they will reward you with great rankings if you keep feeding them with wordy web pages. Nothing will please them more than buttering your web pages with detailed information about your greatness and market leadership.

That's fine, but what about your human visitors?

Assaulting your new visitors with overloaded web pages will make them run for the hills. Your visitors are impatient. They move fast between websites and web pages, dealing with endless options and choices. The need to make fast decisions is putting a lot of stress on them. And they despise long texts, especially if they are using mobile devices.

Coping With the Content-Search Paradox

So on one hand, search engines which are based on indexing verbal content want you to write long texts. No wonder that the highest ranking web pages on almost any search are overloaded with long texts. What this means is that if you want people to find your web pages on search results you must keep feeding the bots. No words - no traffic. Complex as that.

On the other hand, if you want to keep your new visitors on your web pages long enough to convert them into customers, you must use highly focused, short messages. Otherwise they'll click away in no time, leaving you with your obese bots.

Takeaway Solution: The Micro-Data Intro

content vs search

The Micro-Data Intro is a technique to serve the appetizer prior to choking your visitors with detailed information. The more tasty and stimulating the appetizer, the higher the chances to retain visitors' attention and convince them to try the main course.

Ready to add the Micro-Data Intro to your marketing oriented web pages? Contact me now and let's get to work.

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