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Answers to questions clients use to ask me before starting their projects.

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Q. What is your background as a copywriter?

A. I've been working as a copywriter since 1988. After working as a senior copywriter at some of NYC's most renowned Ad Agencies, I've decided to start my own creative business and provide freelance copywriting services. Today I'm proud to be one of the most experienced and famous copywriters on NYC's advertising scene.

Q. Do you have experience in my field?

A. There is no such thing as a profession/field/industry specialized copywriter. You'll never find a medical-related copywriter or an architecture-specialized copywriter. A professional copywriter should be able to write content for any industry or market. That's because the copywriter's focus is NOT on the specific basic info, but on the way the relevant marketing messages are communicated to the client's targets. Anyway, since I've been writing commercial copy for so many years, there is scarcely any industry I haven't worked with.

Q. What kinds of copy do you handle?

A. I cover the full professional spectrum. I create business slogans and names, I write web content, sales brochures, ads, marketing concepts, print ads, catalogs, public relations and many other related jobs.

Q. Do you provide revisions on your projects?

A. Yes I do. Unless you change the initial brief, the revisions are free of charge. Most clients are pleased and enthusiastic about my copy when they receive it. But if you are not 100% satisfied, I will revise the copy according to your specific guidelines, and at my expense. Revisions are included in the project's quote, provided they are assigned within 15 days and are not based on a change after copy has been submitted.

Q. Do you provide editing jobs?

A. No, I don't. Editing is mostly about basic English phrasing. Basic phrasing will not sell your products or develop your branding. A copywriter should know how to phrase texts, but the copywriter's most important job is to know how to sell your products and services, how to shape your business image and how to persuade your targets to take action.

Q. If I wanted to hire you, how would I go about it?

A. Putting me to work for you is easy. Email me and ask for a quote. Once you've approved my quote and placed an order, we get started.

Q. Do you subcontract your projects?

A. NEVER! The copywriting work is totally based on the copywriter's competence, talent and experience. Copywriting projects can't be subcontracted. If you hire me I'll be the only person involved in your project.

Q. Do you meet your clients?

A. Only on unique or very large projects. Given today's communication devices and technologies there's absolutely no reason to waste valuable time on traveling. Furthermore, most of my time is dedicated to creative work, study and lectures. In order to deliver my projects on time, maintain the utmost quality and preserve my strong market reputation, I need full control over my working hours. That's also the reason that I don't take phone calls.

Q. How long will it take you to write my copy?

A. 24 hours for the slogan ideas and 48 hours for the naming ideas. For all the other projects I'll send you the turnaround time together with the quote. Although I always do my best to offer short schedules, I never compromise the quality of my work by grabbing more projects than I can handle. Each project gets my full attention, with enough time to polish, edit and revise it until I'm satisfied with every word.

Q. Do you provide services for foreign clients?

A. Yes I do. Client location is no longer an issue in our days. I work with clients abroad as easily as with those right in my own neighborhood.

Q. How do I order your services?

A. Simply contact me by email. I'll need the basic information as well as your URL and/or your texts giving me the background I need to write your copy.

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