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Yes, AI can automate the content writing process. But without the touch of a professional human writer, the AI-generated content will impress fellow robots, but not your targets.

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Don't Rely On the Creativity of Chips

A Giant Choir Singing the Same Tune

If you just fill out web pages with text for SEO purposes, then AI-generated content may be fine. Google bots are robots either, so they'll probably be excited to get acquainted with new robo-fellows.

But if you are using AI-generated content to drive your prospective clients to action, you are making a big mistake!

As more and more writers turn to AI, it should not come as a surprise if web pages look like a giant choir singing the same tune. The similarity in voice and style is increasingly evident and annoying. And of course, pretty useless.

humanizing ai-generated content

Bots Will Fall In Love. Humans Will Fall Asleep.

AI-generated content is generic and shallow. It may be grammatically perfect, but it lacks the emotional intelligence which is hugely critical to persuasive marketing.

The robotic-crafted texts can make search bots fall in love, but they can't make a great impression on human targets. With no creativity, insight and personalization it will be almost impossible to drive customers to action.

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AI-generated content can be useful as a brainstorming kickoff. For this purpose AI tools are fine. But if you want to sell your products or services, you need effective high-quality content to capture new prospects and engage existing customers.

humanizing ai-generated content

Think of it!

If you are an ambitious market leader, you want your content to stand out from the crowd, not be buried in the middle of it. You want your messages to create impact and instill confidence, not bore targets with endless chunks of text.

Keep in mind!

If you are not satisfied with an AI-generated text, AI gives you a second chance by offering you to click on "regenerate".

But if your targets are not satisfied with your AI-generated text, they may not give you another chance!

So should you drop AI-generated content completely?! Definitely not!

From Artificial to Emotional Intelligence

Emotions play an important role in marketing. When trying to convince customers that you are their best option, you use empathy, communication skills, confidence, personalization and so on. AI machines don't possess these critical qualities, therefore the content they generate can't be persuasive.

AI has undoubtedly revolutionized content creation, offering speed and efficiency. However, AI cannot really captivate audiences, shape decisions or lead them to action. Moreover, it may compromise your brand's credibility.

This is why it is so important to use the touch of a human professional. Only a specialized human writer can effectively blend Artificial and Emotional Intelligence, transforming your AI-written content into compelling and captivating messages.

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AI-generated content fixing

Are you struggling with AI-generated content?

Not sure what's the best way to use it?

Let me help you humanize your AI content!

It's fast, effective and affordable.

This could be one of your best marketing decisions!

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Manual Content Resuscitation

To ensure that your AI-generated content is relevant, concise and persuasive, it must be manually edited and humanized.

Rephrasing AI-generated content is not just about text editing or flawless grammar. It's about usability, readability, clarity and impact.

Phrases will have to be refined by injecting persuasive language, captivating headlines, and engaging hooks, capturing the attention of your targets and driving conversions.

refreshing AI-generated content

Let's Get Started

My content improvement services will bridge the gap between AI knowledge and human wisdom. I will breathe life into your messages and create a connection with your audience that only human-written content can achieve.

I have years of experience crafting compelling, persuasive content that resonates with audiences. I will adapt and fine-tune your AI-generated content to suit your specific goals and target audience.

Contact me now. Whether a touch-up or a complete content overhaul, don't settle for mediocre AI-generated content. Let's work together to improve your website!


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