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Top Reasons to Request a Free Website Critique Report

Whether you have just launched a new website or use an old one, it's extremely important to get an outside expert opinion on your online performance.

Ediwriter | February, 2022

Last January I received an email from the CEO of a fintech company. He felt extremely frustrated after trying to use a few online tools for analyzing his website. Whatever tool he used, he ended up with graphs, SEO data he didn't understand and vague technical recommendations.

"That's not what I was looking for. What a huge waste of time! All I wanted was some practical advice on how to improve my website's design and content" he wrote.

It wasn't the first time that lost website owners ask me for help. There are many great online tools for analyzing websites, but unfortunately they are helpful mainly for savvy users who possess extensive technical knowledge. For the average website owner, these complex reports are almost useless.

free website critique

Website Critique Reports For Humans

Websites are dynamic marketing tools that need constant adaptations and updates. Design trends are changing fast and users expect updated, well written content. Whether you have just launched a new website or use an old one, it's extremely important to get an outside expert opinion on your online performance.

Tired of technical jargon and techies trying to make things unduly complicated? Ask me to send you a free professional critique report. No, not graphs, numbers or frightening technical terms, but a simple straightforward report with clear ideas and suggestions on what holds you back and needs to be changed. It's totally free, with absolutely no commitment. Just drop me an email or fill out the form.

Request your FREE website critique report!

How Do You Know It's Time For A Website Critique?

If you experience one or more of the following symptoms, it's time to get a critique report:

  • You get many visits but only a few sales
  • Your visitors click away too soon
  • Your sales are lower than you expected
  • Your content doesn't seem to make any impact on visitors
  • Your web pages are slow and overloaded

Your website visitors will convert to customers ONLY if they feel confident enough to trust you. If you have a poorly designed or written website, it will ruin their confidence and send them away to the competition. On the other hand, a well structured and effective website will build trust, encouraging visitors to react to your calls to action. My critique report can make the difference!

Critique My Website Please

I receive lots of website critique requests. Unfortunately, some of the people who ask me to critique their websites are not always ready to face the unfavorable judgment of their work. Sometimes they feel offended and try to "fight-back". But as I always explain them, the core purpose of my critique reports is to make things better, improving performance and profits. My purpose is not to judge, dismiss or offend. My reports are meant to yield the best possible ideas and suggestions through careful evaluation and constructive criticism, focusing on the things that can and should be improved.

The Benefits of the Critique Report

  • Unbiased Opinion: The professional unbiased look into your website's performance can reveal problems and weaknesses you were not aware of.
  • Practical Advice: The critique report will include practical advice and suggestions on how to improve your website and boost its performance.
  • Improvement Kickoff: The critique report provides a concise and broad perspective of the changes and improvements that will have to be made.

What Will the Website Critique Focus On?

My website critique report will focus on the following elements:

  • Overall design critique
  • Critique of the overall marketing structure and layout
  • Headlines, messages and calls to action
  • The user experience (UX)
  • Content critique, including texts and images
  • Streamlined usability & navigation
  • SEO elements critique
  • Free consultation and suggestions

Request Your Free Website Critique Report

As a reputable marketing consultant with vast experience in web branding, I have the insight and perspective to see what works and what doesn't, what builds confidence and what kills trust, what engages your visitors and what sends them away to the competition. Take advantage of my free website critique service and request a no commitment report.

My review report is a $500 value service that you get totally FREE, with absolutely no commitment. It's an essential improvement kickoff that can boost your performance and sales.

Once I receive your request I'll visit your website and write the report.

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