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The Intimidating Foreplay of Stimulating Articles

Ediwriter | February, 2019

When browsing the web, reading blogs or searching for articles on LinkedIn, I bump into headlines that at first sight seem interesting and stimulating.

So I click vigorously on the headline or link. You know, the usual "How to" or "The 5 best ways to"... I start reading the article, expecting to see the answer to a question, to see the solution to a problem or to see the '5 ingenious ways' to reach some goal. But first... the introduction!

These endless exhausting useless and pointless introductions are killing lots of articles. They torture the reader's attention, they suffocate the reader's motivation and cruelly assassinate the reader's precious time.

It's actually a kind of addiction. I assume writers tell themselves "Everybody does it, so it's probably something I have to do".

No you don't!

No Espresso Can Wake You Up From Boring Intros!

Obviously I'm not going to offend anyone and I'm not going to quote specific articles. But for example, a nice lady on LinkedIn offered 5 winning tips on how to be successful on Instagram. I entered the article, but after 9 long paragraphs about the importance of social media I left. I left really annoyed and pissed off.

A digital marketing expert offered on his blog 5 new SEO tips that are 'essential', especially after Google's latest search algorithm update. I entered the article and again, I had to scroll long paragraphs about the importance of SEO and how SEO affects rankings. It was a nightmare.

Just imagine how would you feel if I started this article with a long overview about the development of print articles into digital articles...

I have no idea what's the origin of this annoying addiction, but I do know what encourages it: blogs!

The problem with blogs is that people don't write content because they have something interesting or original to share with the world, but mainly to feed Google's search bots. Google's intentions may have been good, but the result is disastrous. People got used to fill up useless blogs with information that no one really reads, and that's how long introductions became the new standard.

Bottom line: if you're feeding bots, write whatever you like, it doesn't really matter. But if you want real people to read your messages ideas or opinions, DROP THE ENDLESS INTRODUCTIONS and shorten your content.

By the way, did you know that in 1862 Tolstoy said that... Don't panic, just kidding.




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