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The Content Paradox Challenge

On the one hand, the attention span of website visitors is very low. You have only a short time window to deliver your messages and attract attention. That's why your content needs to be short, focused and clear. Content overload will send your visitors directly to the competition.

the content paradox

On the other hand, search engines give much higher priority to long content over short messages. Do a search and see for yourself. As a result, if you write short focused messages, search engines will ignore you. If you write long detailed texts, users will ignore you.

Work with me to solve the Content Paradox!

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The Content Layers Concept

Structuring your content is a very tough challenge. The best way to sustain your visitors' attention while feeding search bots, is to place your most important messages on your first level pages and leave the detailed information to the second level pages.

Simple, right?

Not simple at all! Condensing your most important messages into short persuasive and well written phrases is not simple at all. That's where you need my help!

professional content writing services

Anyone can make visitors stare at your phrases. But only a professional content writer can make them react to your messages.

A Lost Visitor Is A Missed Opportunity

When people land on your website you have just one short opportunity to explain why your products or services are their best choice and why they should trust you.

Don't waste it!

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Never Lecture Your Visitors

Well phrased plain information can create a favorable impression but it doesn't sell anything. People don't buy products or order services because they know, but because they decide. So make them decide!

To sell your products or services you must convert feature-driven texts to benefits-driven messages. At the same time you must build trust and show strong confidence.

Remember: Diffident people are not likely to grab your offers. Only confident people will.

Don't Tell Them. Convince Them.

Website content that is based on plain information is not effective because information doesn't lead to action.

To make visitors decide you need persuasive content. No, I don't mean pompous superlatives and self-glorification because this kind of 'persuasion' will make them run for the hills. I mean content that can affect your visitors' decisions by increasing their confidence.

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Effective website content must...

  • Capture your visitors' attention
  • Make a good first impression
  • Deliver well phrased clear messages
  • Focus on benefit-oriented statements
  • Look authoritative
  • Instill confidence

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As an experienced marketing content writer I specialize in delivering your messages to your audiences in the most effective and productive way.

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