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Behavioral Marketing & Usability. How to Predict & Affect Behavior.

Harness the power of behavioral marketing and usability to understand, predict and effectively influence customer behavior.

behavioral marketing and usability

Customizing Content For Business Growth

One of the most important keys to business growth in a dynamic competitive market is the ability to understand customer behavior. If you understand it, you can predict and influence it.

Behavioral marketing is the practice of customizing content and messages based on past actions of your targeted users. The more relevant the content and messages, the higher your chances to convert visitors to clients, increasing sales.

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Adding Usability to Behavioral Marketing

As a graduate of Thomas Edelman's Behavioral Marketing College and as a research advisor, my objective is to identify browsing behavioral patterns and match them with the best content and messages.

But that's not always enough. If you want your content and messages to go through and create a strong impact, you need to apply and integrate effective usability practices.

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behavioral marketing and usability

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Monetizing the Power of Behavioral Marketing

Extensive studies in neurology and behavioral psychology have identified new ways to understand the reasons why people behave in a certain way and the very nature of consumers' preferences and buying patterns.

In today's highly competitive and dynamic online environment, the long-term success of business websites depends on their ability to understand consumer behavior and match market opportunities to goals and capabilities.

Why is behavioral marketing important?

  • It allows the use of tailored and effective messages
  • It leads to a much stronger engagement with your website
  • It helps convert indecisive and hesitant consumers
  • It helps predict future behaviors and preferences
  • It helps you attract warmer and open-minded leads
  • It helps you establish better relationships with your audience
behavioral marketing and usability

Usability Complements Behavioral Marketing

Usability is a quality attribute that rates the ease of use of a marketing system or platform.

If behavioral marketing determines the most effective way to structure your website content and messages, usability describes the level of ease to access and understand your messages.

With poor usability, even a great website built on strong behavioral marketing practices will prove to be useless. Just like poor behavioral marketing practices will prove useless when used with excellent usability. Usability complements behavioral marketing, leading to a smooth and profitable sales process.

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