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Case Study - Review Report For Visago Website

A professional website review report for a visas services website, designed to improve performance and boost profits.

Review Brief

Website: Visago

  • In general, your website is fine. It provides the needed basic information and then enables users to apply for visas. But there are a few things that should be improved. Let's dive into the details.
  • I don't think that the image you placed on top of the homepage is a good choice. The process of applying for a visa should instill confidence and trust. The cute and humorous image is nice, but it doesn't reflect a serious attitude towards the process.
  • "Connect with the world and simplify your visa journey with us". I don't think that this is a good subheader. Why would I need to connect with the world in order to simplify the process?! I assume you meant to say something different. Anyway, this subheader must be changed.
  • It's not critical, but I'd place the "Apply with ease" section on a separate page. Also, I'd try to simplify the huge table to make things more clear and user-friendly.
  • It's very important to add the about us and FAQ links to the main navigation menu!
  • The testimonials should be on the about us section, not on the homepage. The reason is that people don't take testimonials seriously anymore and in most cases treat them as scams. Why? Because of the extensive use of fake testimonials over the past years. Today users believe only in social media posts and reviews.
  • The content on about us is not good. Please understand that about us pages are like company profile pages. An about us page should include information about the business, such as its staff, its expertise, its facilities, etc. And the text shouldn't look like an FAQ page.
  • Bottom line:
  • In my opinion you should change a bit the structure of your website. Instead of:
  • we issue visas - how it works - apply
  • I'd use something like:
  • We issue visas - benefits or uses of visas - our advantages - apply - FAQ - about - case studies (optional) - contact.

case study

These are just a few preliminary comments. A detailed report has been created for the business owner.

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