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Case Study - Review Report For Tcostrategies Website

A professional website review report for a management strategies website, designed to improve performance and boost profits.

Review Brief

Website: tcostrategies.com

  • In general, your website makes a good impression. Most of the messages are well phrased and the design looks elegant. But there are several structural and marketing oriented problems that will have to be fixed.
  • Before going into details, I'd like to mention the speed problem. Although your homepage is relatively short, Google's speed score for this web page is only 40/100. This low score means that the page is very slow. Increasing your pages' speed is very important.
  • Let's have a look from top. The business logo looks fine, but the slogan is too generic and not original enough for your type of business. If you'll Google the slogan, you'll get thousands of results. It's not critical but I'd choose a more original slogan.
  • On mobile devices, your top visual displays a group of people sitting around a table. But on desktops and laptops, visitors will see a very unclear strip that doesn't say much. I'd reconsider the use of this image.
  • On mobile devices, the top image comes first and then the CNC Machining image comes second. As a result, you have no text in the above-the-folder area (the area displayed to mobile users before scrolling the page). Search engines give high priority to the content in this area so it's very important to add a few messages.
  • Empowering manufacturers to thrive is a good title. But before the "we empower manufacturers..." paragraph, you should introduce yourselves: Who's "we"? What makes you the best choice for manufacturers who want to thrive?... It's very important to build some rapport before telling your prospects how you can help them.
  • "The Key to Unlocking Manufacturers' Potential for Success". This is not a bad title, but I wouldn't use 'success'. Success is too basic in this context. I'd use business growth or market leadership.
  • You're repeating too many times the "cultural assessments, employee engagement and leadership development" topics. It may annoy your users and it won't make much difference in terms of SEO.
  • Instead of the huge complex image on the right and the 3 solution descriptions on the left, I'd use cards. Cards are columns that include a short title on top, a small image below the title, a short description below the image and a 'read more' button. The page will look better with cards than with the huge complex image and large chunk of texts.
  • Use "read more" instead of "learn more". Users don't like to be treated as students.
  • Your navigation menu is fine, but take off the search option. In-site search used to be a nice gimmick many years ago. Today it's totally useless. First of all, a well structured website doesn't need a seach section. Secondly, with no guiding instructions, users who will use this feature may leave the site frustrated.
  • On the challenges page, your top visual shouldn't be "mute". Add a relevant headline or statement over the image.
  • The page shouldn't look like a Word document. Use instead short paragraphs and relevant images.
  • I wouldn't place the "solutions" paragraph and link on the right side of the page. On desktops it looks outdated and on mobiles it just leads to endless scrolling for no good reason.
  • "The time has come for the industry to tackle these challenges...". This sentence is a concluding powerful statement. It shouldn't be part of the text but a stand-alone banner.
  • "At TCO Strategies, we specialize in". This section doesn't belong to the challenges page.

case study

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