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Case Study - Review Report For Tannan Plastic Surgery Website

A professional website review report for a plastic surgery website, designed to improve performance and boost profits.

Review Brief

Website: tannanplasticsurgery.com

  • Homepage: the top visual of your homepage is great. It creates a pleasant and supportive ambiance for your new website visitors. The problem though is with the headline. Why? Because you shouldn't use your business name as a headline. The business name and logo are part of your branding, not part of the marketing messages. Use instead a nice powerful headline.
  • The sub-header is fine, but there is no need for so much punctuation.
  • The phrase "come see our all-female staff today" is a bit problematic. After all, you can't expect your potential patients to drive all the way to your clinic today, to see the all-female staff... "Meet our all-female staff" should be good enough.
  • Starting your homepage's content with "about us" is not a good idea. Why? First of all, you have a dedicated web page for this purpose. Secondly, studies clearly show that users never read about a business or its team before reading first about its services and offers. Instead of an about us section you should start with a short introduction: welcome your new visitors, introduce yourselves and tell them what's special about your services or what are your main professional strengths or advantages.
  • By the way, don't use third-person phrasing. A patient who comes to you for plastic surgery would want you to talk to her directly. It's much more effective and instills confidence.
  • The tips section is not really a section about tips but rather short introductions to blog articles. I'd change the name of this section to "Recent Blog Articles".
  • In our opinion it would be much better to focus on your main services than on blog articles. Leave the articles to the blog web page and focus instead on the topics your new visitors came for: plastic surgery services. Yes, we noticed that you mention the services below the tips section, but displaying the vertical "mute" images is not persuasive enough.
  • Don't use the scroll effect because scrolling slows down the page. If you have more than 3-4 cards to display, create 2 rows.
  • Don't use the in-site search feature. It used to be a nice gimmick many years ago, but today search boxes are considered to be outdated and useless. A well-structured website doesn't need a search box unless it's a shopping portal.
  • The "subscribe" section is also an outdated feature. In our social media era people don't subscribe anymore.
  • There is no need to place the detailed navigation menu at the bottom of the page. It may create duplication problems and harm your SEO. Use instead drop-down menus under the links on the top navigation.
  • Breast page: instead of placing 4 images that lead to the respective breast surgery pages, you could place these 4 links as a drop-down menu under "breast" on your main navigation bar. It would be much more efficient and save the unnecessary browsing of this page.
  • Images: don't use too many stock images because it may damage your website's credibility. Also, most of your images show extremely happy and glorious women, which may also impact credibility.

case study

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