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Case Study - Review Report For Taltoa Website

A professional website review report for a transportation website, designed to improve performance and boost profits.

Review Brief

Website: taltoa.com

  • In general, your content and messages are well-written and clear. But there are two main problems with your website: design and structure. I'll explain...
  • I know you're not selling fashion or jewelry, so I don't expect your website to be overloaded with heavy graphics and stylish images. But it shouldn't look like a boring Word document either. For example, the homepage's top section is overloaded with too much text. Your new visitors will have to be extremely patient and motivated to process so much content. Moreover, mobile users will have to do a lot of scrolling to read all this information.
  • Homepages must start with a relevant, attention-grabbing, high-quality image on top. Usually, with a powerful headline or statement over the image. That's the standard today. Your homepage uses a gray background (on desktops and laptops, the gray area doesn't even cover the whole width) with a headline and bulleted list. The main headline is fine, but the bulleted list is not a good idea. That's not the way to welcome new visitors who land on your website.
  • Do not use your business name/logo within the page's content. Your name/logo is part of your branding, not part of the marketing content.
  • Below the gray area, you placed a title, which is a repetition of the top headline. This is not a good idea. It's not only useless, it also makes a bad impression.
  • Below the page title, you placed a list with the six groups of people you're serving. This information is essential, but I wouldn't display it as a text line below the title. It would be much more effective to create cards, or at least a bulleted list near a nice image.
  • Long lines of text on large screens are considered to be very inconvenient and ineffective. Use instead 2/3 or half the width of the page, or place the text aside an image.
  • "How to become a freight broker..." I'm not sure that it's a good idea to place this paragraph on the homepage, and definitely not so high on the page. Why? (a) Because it's a distraction for visitors who didn't land on your website for this purpose; (b) Let visitors go over the 6 cards that follow first, and only after getting the big picture, you may add this paragraph.
  • On the essential training card I wouldn't place the list of features. I'd focus instead on your professional advantages or the benefits for people who use the training. There is enough place on the respective inner page to display features.
  • Since these are cards and this is your homepage, I'd use shorter and more focused messages. For example, on the guaranteed placement card I'd write: Join our mentorship program and start a career as a successful paid freight broker agent. Your best opportunity to grow and build a book of business. The same with the other cards as well.
  • On the office banner, don't use your business logo. You can use your business name of course, but not as a logo.
  • I wouldn't ask people to subscribe to a newsletter. In our social media era, newsletters are outdated tools that are hardly used anymore.
  • "Your success is our success" is a banal, overused phrase. If you'll google it you'll see more than 900000 results with exactly the same phrase. Using such a phrase can do more damage than good and can affect your business image. Using it as a business slogan below the logo is an even bigger mistake. This problem must be fixed ASAP.
  • Take off the "home" link from the main menu. The standard today is to use the business name/logo as the home link.
  • Inner pages: The marketing link opens a new browser window and leads to another website. I don't know why you're doing it but take into consideration that many users today block the option to open new window browsers. Also, it is considered to be annoying and confusing.
  • The pages of the training packages (under "training and consulting") are EXTREMELY overloaded. It will be very difficult for the average person to browse such crowded pages. I strongly recommend restricting these pages, even if it means to split them into several sub-pages.

case study

These are just a few preliminary comments. A detailed report has been created for the business owner.

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