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Case Study - Review Report For Stock This Design Website

A professional website review report for a home essentials website, designed to improve performance and boost profits.

Review Brief

Website: Stock This Design That

  • Homepage: The top image is fine. The headline is also fine, but take off the business logo. Your business logo is part of your branding. It should be placed only on the top of the page, not as part of your marketing content. Take off the logo and make the headline larger.
  • On the desktop/laptop version I'd place the logo on the left and the menu on the right. Not one above the other in the center.
  • Your homepage's content starts with "Start here to personalize...". This is a mistake. Would you welcome this way a new client who just entered your brick-and-mortar shop? I doubt... You need to start with a short opening text. Use the opening text to welcome your new visitors, introduce yourselves and explain what's special about your products or services. Only then you can ask them to get started.
  • The featured products section is also very unclear. Why one large image and 2 small images?! And why is the large image "mute"? Usually, when website visitors see "featured products," they expect to see 2-3 rows with images of the same size. The objective of such a presentation is to reflect the most impressive or popular products you have to offer, articulating the advantages. For example, show 1-2 bedding products, 1-2 kitchen products, and so on.
  • The page ends with the subscription call to action. This is not a good idea. First of all, people today don't give away their email addresses. Secondly, in our social media era, asking for emails or to subscribe to newsletters is extremely outdated.
  • Bottom line: - Your products seem to be very nice. But your presentation is weak and confusing. First, you need to clearly separate the collections from the personalized products. Since the personalization is more complex, you could create a "how it works" section.

case study

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