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Case Study - Review Report for Shop Home Med Website

A professional website review report for a medical equipment website, designed to improve performance and boost profits.

Review Brief

Website: shophomemed.com

  • Homepage: There are several problems with this web page. Let's analyze them one by one.
  • The first problem is the lack of text. Lots of images and icons, but no text. How can search engines index your search terms and display your homepage if you have no texts?!
  • The second problem is that the homepage is MUCH too long. Just imagine the endless scrolling mobile users will have to go through in order to see your offers!! This is ineffective and unnecessary. Keep in mind that the homepage should not be part of your product catalog. The homepage is an introduction designed to attract attention and convince your new visitors to keep browsing and order products.
  • The third main problem is the messy area on top of the page. Not only you don't have a business name/logo (which is a must!) on top, but there are also way too many elements in this area.
  • The search bar takes too much space and it's pretty useless. Why? (a) A well structured website doesn't need a search bar; (b) Search bars were popular many years ago, but these days they are very rare; (c) With no specific guidelines, the search process can be very confusing and frustrating, and may send away part of your new visitors.
  • Instead of displaying lots of product images all over the page, start your homepage with a top visual with a powerful headline over it. Also, add an introduction text to explain who you are and what's special about your business. Then, use a few nice images and descriptions to outline topics like new products, unique products, products on sale and so on.
  • There is no such thing as "learn more" on a navigation menu. First of all, don't treat your visitors as students who came to learn... Secondly, if you think of it, all the links can be named learn more... You need to give a clear and specific name to each link. From what I've seen, the learn more link should be blog.

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