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Increase your targets' response rates with a well written sales letter

Effective Messages for Higher Response Rates

A well written sales letter can be a powerful and persuasive marketing tool. Whether you're trying to sell a product, a service, or convince your targets to call back, the first and most important objective of your sales letter is to capture attention and prevent the reader from throwing it away.

This is definitely not an easy task and that's why you need a professional second opinion on your sales letter before delivering it to your targets. Ediwriter's free sales letter review is an extremely valuable service because it enables you to optimize your messages, improve the content and increase your response rates.

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If you're about to write a new sales letter or to improve an older one, ask me to send you a free sales letter review report. I'll make sure that your content influences the reader to take action, that it delivers the right messages and that it reflects a powerful business image.

The sales letter review report will relate to the content, layout, headlines and visuals of your sales letter. It will analyze the way you communicate your messages, as well as its overall marketing structure. The report will not only include an in-depth analysis of what you already have, it will also provide ideas and suggestions on how to improve it.

Sometimes the sales letter is part of a direct mail package. A package usually includes additional marketing pieces to amplify the selling points, illustrate the product or service, or provide technical information. In such case the review report will comprise the entire package.

The persuasive power of an effective sales letter

An effective and persuasive sales letter should focus on the benefits of your product or service. Since you don't have much space to present your offer, you need to show your targets how your product can solve their problems or how your service can satisfy their needs. Don't waste valuable space on plain information.

Always start with the main selling point. Keep in mind that you have a very short opportunity to hook the reader. If the biggest benefit of what you are selling is cost, then list that first. Only then expand the headline or intro text to provide the essential details on how the offer works. The content should support the headline, building credibility and creating the emotional response that will cause the reader to take action.

As a renowned consultant with vast experience in online and offline marketing, I have the insight and perspective to see what works and what doesn't; what can make your recipients open the sales letter or just throw it away; what will convince them to take action and what may bore them.

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Don't Leave Money On the Table!

Over the past years I've provided sales letter reviews to many clients. From well established and renowned companies to start-ups and small businesses, my comments and suggestions have been successfully implemented to increase their letters' response rates and profits. Join them now!

How do we get started? Very easily! Email me a link to your sales letter, or just send it to me as an attachment. And yes, it's totally free! If you need copywriting services for a new sales letter, please fill out the form.

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