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Case Study - Review Report For Reliant Home Repairs Website

A professional website review report for a home repairs website, designed to improve performance and boost profits.

Review Brief

Website: relianthomerepair.com

  • In general, the main problem with your homepage is that it looks more like a brochure than a web page. The overall design doesn't make a good impression, which may affect your new visitors' confidence.
  • Your website doesn't have a navigation menu! The 3 icons you have on top cannot replace a real navigation menu. Navigation menus are VERY important, both for your visitors and for search engines.
  • Your business logo looks fine. But it should be placed on the top-left side of your web pages, not in the center. And it shouldn't be placed together with the icons and contact details. This is what you do on a brochure, but definitely not on a web page.
  • The top image is very good! But there are 2 problems: (a) The image must be a responsive, full-width image, regardless of the device's viewport. (b) The image shouldn't be "mute". You must add a powerful headline or statement over the image.
  • Don't use third-person phrasing. It's very important to personalize your messages. Speak to your new visitors directly.
  • I wouldn't use "minor" in the title. Why? Because "minor" is subjective and it may be confusing. A minor repair for one person may be perceived as a complex repair for a second person.
  • "Providing... services" is too generic and boring. I'd use a more marketing phrase like:
    Your personal trusted handyman in Coventry...
    Coventry's best choice for...
    Put all your ....repairs in Tom's professional hands!
  • "Don't have the time..." is a question. The second part of the sentence is the answer. Using them both in one comma-separated sentence is wrong.
  • Google's reviews should be placed lower on the page, not right on top. It doesn't make a good impression to start with reviews before even introducing yourself. Also, that's NOT the way to display Google's reviews. You'll have to add a special plugin to display them properly.
  • Before introducing your services, you should start with a short introduction. Tell your new visitors who you are, what's special about your services, and why it was the right decision to land on this website.
  • Using cards (the large boxes placed one over the other) to describe your services is a bad idea. You should use instead separate web pages for each section, with a separate link on the navigation menu. Cards can be used to articulate featured services, specialization services, or special offers. The texts on cards must be short. Leave the details to the inner pages of the website.
  • If you'll take my advice and built internal specialization pages, you'll be able to add relevant images without using sliders. Sliders slow down pages and are way less effective in showcasing your work.
  • Using a navigation menu with internal pages will also enable you to display a gallery page, showcasing your work. In addition, you will be able to use an FAQ (frequently asked questions) page, which is essential for this type of website.
  • The about page shouldn't be about your services, but about yourself. For example, your professional background, expertise, special tools you're using, etc.

case study

These are just a few preliminary comments. A detailed report has been created for the business owner.

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