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Ediwriter's analysis and critique report for justorthodontics.com

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One of Ediwriter's most popular services is the free website review. Businesses from all industries ask me to review their websites and offer them a second professional opinion on their performance. It's free, with absolutely no commitment.

My review reports are not intended to judge or mock poorly performing websites, but to identify problems and suggest ideas for improvements. Here is my review report for a dental and orthodontic clinic website.

Ediwriter's critique and analysis report for justorthodontics.com

Main visual: On desktops the main visual (banner) is black, which is a very big mistake. Black on an orthodontic website?! An orthodontic website targets young people, promising them beautiful smiles on their young faces. Is this gloomy and almost frightening black background the way to do it? I don't think so...

On mobiles, the top visual displays an image of a doctor and patient. So I can only assume that the black banner is a design problem. Anyway, it's a major problem that will have to be fixed as soon as possible.

In total contrast with the banner, the business logo is very joyful. In fact too joyful. In my opinion it looks too childish and it's overloaded with too many graphic elements. It doesn't make a good impression.

"Creating Generations of Smiles" is not a good headline because it doesn't make much sense. 'Creating generations of...' could be fine for an educational organization, not for an orthodontic clinic. Moreover, Justorthodontics doesn't really creates smiles. I'm sure that the young people who come to the clinic already had smiles on their faces. Yes, these smiles can be improved, whitened or beautified, but not created.

The 2 consultation calls to action are very similar. I'd replace one of them with another call to action.

Opening text: Most of the opening text is fine. Though I'd split the long paragraph into 2-3 paragraphs to make it easier to read and to improve context.

The statement that a beautiful smile is life changing is exaggerated and can affect the credibility of the entire content. We should refrain from pompous or bombastic statements because they do more damage than good. Also, I don't think that 'individuals who truly believe that they have the best career' belongs to an opening text. It can be fine for an about us text, but not for the homepage. At this preliminary stage it's not a persuasive fact that can motivate prospective clients.

The second part of the text is wrong. "Each day we have the opportunity to see personalities transformed as the patient’s new smile develops" is a bad sentence. The two parts are not properly connected and the phrasing is wrong. The "welcome" at the end should be the first sentence.

On mobiles, the text is wider than the viewport and can't be read. This is a major problem because although the website is apparently responsive, the fact that the text can't be read means that the site is not mobile friendly.

The video is too long. People today don't watch videos that are longer than 1-2 minutes tops. It would be much better to place a shorter video on the homepage and move the long video to one of the inner pages.

The rest of the page looks as if the designer attached flyers to the web content. This structure is not native for web pages and it will only make the page heavier.

Navigation: The main navigation menu is not bad. The problem is with the sub menus. For example, under "get started" the first link is "why choose us". This is a mistake of course because when clicking on a get started link I want to know what do I need to do to get started. The why choose us should be a separate page, or part of the about us section.

Another problem with this sub-menu is that it includes 3 different consultation options that look almost identical. This is extremely confusing and will waste the visitors' time when trying to get started. The even more severe problem is that one of those links takes the visitor to a totally different website!

The get started link has been placed before the treatments link. This doesn't make sense because patients need to read first about the offered treatments and only then to get started. The logic flow of the navigation is very important.

The inner pages look a bit boring because there are almost no images. I think it's very important to add images, especially to the treatment options pages.

Bottom line: Justorthodontics looks like a professional and caring orthodontic clinic, but the website doesn't reflect it enough. The content is not good enough and there are too many design problems. These problems will affect the way patients perceive the professional image of the clinic and will make it more difficult for search engines to rank it properly. To use it as an effective marketing tool the clinic will have to improve it or even rebuild it from scratch.

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