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Case Study - Review Report For One Stop Drama Shop Website

A professional website review report for an education website, designed to improve performance.

Review Brief

Website: onestopdramashop.com

  • Let's start with the speed problem. I checked your speed score with Google's speed tool. Your page received a score of 24/100! This is a very low score, which means that the site is VERY slow. Slow pages are a big problem for mobile users and may affect your search rankings.
  • The top visual on your homepage looks like the visual of a kids' fashion website. I don't think it's a good visual because it doesn't reflect the practice of school drama. The even worse problem is that on mobiles the visual disappears and is replaced by a basic list of subjects. This is wrong!
  • The top visual should include a headline, not a list of subjects. And it should be displayed on mobiles as well. Moreover, some of the subjects you have now on the large visual can't be read because of improper use of colors.
  • "Use drama in your school today". This phrase implies that you are targeting school teachers and principals. If I'm right, then the page's content is not clear enough in this respect.
  • Your navigation bar starts with login and subscribe. This is not a good idea. It's highly ineffective and unusual. Your menu should start with a page that explains what you offer. It is usually called "services" but you can call it "school drama". Such a page will give your new visitors an opportunity to understand what you have to offer, before diving into the details.
  • There is no need to use the accordion effect in order to display your content. Using short paragraphs and images beside the paragraphs can be much more effective.
  • The 'Meet the author' section doesn't belong on the homepage.
  • Curriculum - overview: The main text or at least part of it should have been displayed on the homepage.
  • Since you have a detailed navigation menu, there is no need to place the accordion below the text.
  • The web page of a school drama website shouldn't look like a boring word document. It should be structured better, including images.
  • You have a column on the right with search and login. This type of structure is not effective when used on responsive websites.
  • The "getting started" link opens a whole new dropdown navigation bar with many links. This is a mistake! Get started links are the final step before taking action or placing an order.
  • You have 2 overview links, which are very confusing and don't make sense. The second level dropdown menu should be a separate dropdown bar.

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