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Case Study - Review Report For MI Realty Group Website

A professional website review report for a realty website, designed to improve performance and boost profits.

Review Brief

Website: mirealtygroup.com

  • Homepage: Before going into details, there is one very important issue you have to fix ASAP: your website is not secure! People who enter your website will see on their browser the "not secure" notice. This makes a bad impression and may affect your rankings.
  • On the top of the pages you're displaying your business name twice, once as text and once as a logo. This is totally unnecessary and looks amateurish. What you need is only the business logo on the left side of the pages.
  • You don't need to attach the phone number to the logo. This practice is popular on brochures, but not on web pages.
  • Take off the "home" link from the navigation menu. The standard today is to use the business logo as the home link. Using both "home" and logo creates duplication problems.
  • The top visual is very good. But the headlines are too weak to attract attention and drive to action. Users see these types of headers on very many websites.
    For example, type "helping you find your happy place" in Google search and you'll see that there are almost 250000 exact phrases!
    Providing "comprehensive" services is also not impressive enough. Is "comprehensive" the thing that sets you apart?...
  • "Search MLS here". Before sending your new visitors to search, you should start with a short introduction. But not the "why us" kind of introduction and definitely not as a centered list. The 5 qualities you mentioned are all over the web, they won't affect your visitors' decisions.
  • Don't place the "search MLS" call to action twice, one after the other.
  • Don't place the logo at the bottom of the page. The logo should be only on top.
  • Buying page: The design and layout of this page look like the design of a brochure. This is a severe mistake because it will damage your business image and affect your new visitors' confidence.
  • "Whether you're buying or selling - With OVER 28 Years experience". There is no connection between the two parts of this text line.
  • "Whether you're buying or selling...". Since this is the buying page, I wouldn't mention "selling".
  • There is no need to underline words.
  • You're not using powerful, persuasive messages to encourage your visitors to take action. The basic cheesy phrases you have now won't create enough impact.
  • Your texts should not be centralized.
  • It would be a good idea to use an image or two on this web page as well. Images can make the page more attractive and interesting.
  • The reviews page is usually called testimonials. The structure of this page should be improved. As it is now, it looks like a long Word document.
  • About us page: I'm sorry for repeating myself, but this page is also like a brochure page. The images are too small and they look distorted, probably because of poor resizing. The texts are attached to the images with no space. Also, since this is a responsive web page, each image-text section should be a separate row.

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