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Case Study - Review of Little Rock Holistic Therapy Website

A professional website review report for a holistic therapy website, designed to improve performance and boost profits.

Review Brief

Website: littlerockholistictherapy.com

  • Homepage: On top of your page you placed a brown background. It's not a mistake, though using a relevant image could have created a much stronger impact. Moreover, the brown color is a bit too depressing for a therapy website that strives to improve wellness.
  • The text you placed on the brown background is mostly explanatory. The problem is that at this early phase is much more important to explain how your services are going to help and benefit your clients than to explain the integration. For example: "Heal your person and release your mind with our unique holistic and individualized therapy".
  • The "about" link on the menu shouldn't send your visitors to an about us section on the homepage. This is a mistake because about us should not be part of the homepage. These are two separate topics.
  • Take a look at your homepage and let's think for a moment. Suppose I have certain personal problems and I'm looking for therapy solutions. And suppose I landed on your homepage. I see the short text on top (which doesn't actually say much), and I move down the page. Then you tell me who you are and you talk about your relationships with clients. And it goes on and on... Only when I reach the last 3 lines of text I finally see what you are offering me! What I'm trying to say is that this structure is ineffective and may send away impatient visitors who need immediate solutions.
  • The "services" link is basically a link to a list on the homepage. First of all, I wouldn't call it "services" because it's too "metallic" for your kind of profession. Secondly, a services web page is the essence of any website. It should be a dedicated page with verbal information, not just a list.

case study

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