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How to Build & Design a Health & Fitness Website

The best kickoff for improving or developing a new fitness website. The do's and don'ts, including reviews of health & fitness websites.

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health & fitness website design

Stretching Above the Tough Fitness Competition

Wherever your gym or fitness center is located, there are probably many other similar centers targeting the same market and offering more or less the same training services. To stand out from the competition and attract more clients, you must use your website to make a strong professional impression and convince new visitors that you are their best option.

Is your website effective enough to achieve this goal and boost your performance?

Do's and Don'ts For Health & Fitness Websites

Nova Studios has a very creative design. Only that the design shadows the effectiveness of the marketing messages. New visitors will probably be impressed by the design, but the complex and vague messages will send them away to check other options.

"The World's Most Efficient Workout" is much too pompous for such a website. The video looks professional, but the messages are difficult to understand. It talks about some complex technology, but the images show basic training practices. Only highly motivated users will take the time to watch the video in order to understand what they're talking about. The others will move on. The video should be moved to an inner page and replaced with a powerful visual.

health & fitness website design
health & fitness website design

Beneath the video, Nova placed an 'about us' text, which is not a good idea. First, they have a dedicated 'about' page for this purpose. Secondly, this text doesn't belong to the homepage.

The homepage goes on explaining the complex EMS technology, which is also content that doesn't belong to the homepage. Nova Studios forgets that people who land on such a website are not scientists or researchers. They are usually simple people looking for fitness solutions. The complex explanations are fine, but they should be on the respective inner pages.

Since Nova placed so much information on their homepage, they have a very basic navigation menu. In terms of usability this is a big mistake. Another mistake is the use of the dark blue color, which is not the right color for a fitness website. Fitness is about excitement and energy, so it deserves more warm and exciting colors.

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How Not To Build a Fitness Website

NY Underground Fitness did a very amateurish job when designing their website. The site is not secure (which is a must these days) and it's extremely slow (it gets 27 out of 100 on Google's speed test!).

The top visual doesn't stretch to the full width of the page and is 'mute', with no headline. It's very important to add a powerful headline or statement to the top visual of any web page, especially to homepages.

The navigation menu doesn't lead to inner pages but to different places on the homepage. In fact this is a one-page website, which is a bad idea. The logic flow of this page is wrong. For example, instead of starting with a short introduction it starts with opening hours. Why would visitors care about opening hours before reading first about this gym and its services?!

health & fitness website design
health & fitness website design

After displaying their opening hours, NY Underground Fitness shows a bunch of images, presumably images of their facility. Why presumably? Because they didn't attach any description or explanation to their images. It's perfectly fine to include a gallery page to a fitness website, but not on the homepage and not images without any description.

The headline above these images is "YOU ARE ENTIRELY UP TO YOU". I have no idea what it means and I'm sure that most visitors will ignore this headline. The even worse thing though is that the first text new visitors will see on this page is placed only after the opening hours and gallery. This is a big mistake of course.

Part of the introduction text is fine. But most of the text looks like an 'about us' text, which means that it shouldn't be on the homepage. Homepages and about pages have different goals, they shouldn't be the same. The text uses third person phrasing, which is a mistake. If I want to train with Eric (the owner), I'd like him to talk to me directly.

When people land on your website you have just one short opportunity to explain why your fitness club is their best choice and why they should trust you. Don't waste it!

How to Write Effective Content For Fitness Websites

The content on The Mercedes Club homepage is an example of well written and effective content. The main reason for being effective is that it focuses on the advantages and benefits the club has to offer its new visitors.

The homepage text starts with 3 cards that outline their most important messages. The cards are linked to the respective inner pages, which is fine. The following short paragraphs together with the nice high quality images create a very impressive and inviting atmosphere, doing a great job in convincing new visitors to join the club.

Although most of the content is good, the homepage is much too long. Since The Mercedes Club has a detailed and well structured navigation menu with many inner pages, there is no reason to stuff so much content on the homepage. Nevertheless, it's a good example of a fitness website with great content.

health & fitness website content

Any website can deliver plain information. But only a well developed website can convert visitors into clients.

The 3 Main Elements of a Successful Fitness Website

There are many things you can do to bring new visitors to your website, but mainly 3 things to make them choose your fitness center: effective messages, good rapport and strong confidence.

It doesn't matter if you own or manage one of the best fitness centers in your area. If your website has an outdated design with cheesy content, a fancy design with poor usability, slow pages with irrelevant images, ineffective layout with a poor marketing structure..., then it's a totally useless marketing tool. And the worst part - it can severely damage your business image and reputation.

Remember! The first impression shapes your visitors' confidence. If your website makes a favorable first impression, your visitors will feel confident enough to contact you and join your fitness center. If not, they'll click away disappointed, looking for additional options.

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