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Improve your business image and branding with a new catchy company slogan or headline, created by a renowned expert.

The Mighty Power of Creative Company Slogans

Slogans Grab Attention

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The slogan is an essential part of your branding and business image. It attracts attention, helps people memorize your business and sets you apart from the competition.

Slogans Stick in Mind

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Using slogans or headlines is highly efficient because these short & easy to remember phrases will hook into your targets' subconscious, sticking your messages in their minds.

Slogans Lead to Action

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You can't drive to action with lengthy information, clichés and self-promotion statements. To drive prospective customers to action use slogans that excite, motivate and impress.

Ediwriter - Over 20 Years of Branding Expertise!

Your one-stop source for creative slogans and headlines. This may prove to be one of your most successful marketing decisions!

Ediwriter's Company Slogan Examples

Light Is Faster But We Are Safer.©

Global Jet Airlines

Natural Gas. Pure Energy.©

Gazprom Corp

Come In As Guests. Leave As Family.©

Main Hotels

Intelligent Emotions For Life.©

Relationships Counseling Center

We Support Nature's Products.©

Rand Medical Systems

Producing Sounds. Creating Feelings.©

Community Loudspeakers

Same Faces. New Expressions.©

LA Beauty Clinic

You Win Some. You Prevail Some.©

Thomas Connelly Law Offices

"A creative choice if you are planning to rebrand or develop a new identity for your online business."

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"Fresh thinking and original concepts in content deployment. Interesting directions for savvy marketers."

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Order Your New Original Company Slogan!

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  • 3 slogan ideas
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Extended Project

  • 10 slogan ideas
  • 48 hours turnaround
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  • original ideas created by Eddie

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40% OFF for a new website, PLUS an original business slogan! A totally responsive trendy website including design and images.

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Simple Order - Fast Turnaround

People today are busy and their attention spans over many tasks and distractions. They are exposed to a huge number of messages at almost any given time. Your best shot to grab their attention is by using short focused phrases and powerful headlines. That's exactly what I do!

Don't imitate, be original. If you want people to respect your business, use your own original company slogan or headline. Make a statement you can be proud of.

Join the many businesses and big-name companies that are already using my ideas and place your order today! Placing an order is very simple - choose the Express or Extended Project option, fill out the short form and make the secure online payment. That's all!

If you have any questions before starting your project, please contact me and I'll reply as soon as possible.

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