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Ediwriter | August 2022

Review Brief

Website: ciclinic.com

  • The content on your website looks highly professional and makes a very good impression. The problem though is that the design looks outdated. An outdated design may affect not only your professional image but also the effectiveness of your messages.
  • Homepage: Your homepage looks too much like a brochure page and is overloaded with too much information. Just imagine how much scrolling will a mobile user have to make in order to read all this content...
  • "Home" should not be a page title. You should use instead a marketing oriented headline to attract attention and empower the text that follows it.
  • If you're using cards (the columns that include a title, an image and a description), then write highly focused messages below the images. The texts you have now are too long and descriptive for effective cards.
  • Because of coding mistakes, the texts you have on the right side of your page (on desktops) look truncated on mobiles! This problem must be fixed.
  • The navigation menu will have to be improved. For example, the standard today is to use the logo as the "home" link. Using both the logo and a separate "home" link on the menu creates duplication problems. Also, the services web page is the most important page on any website. The services page must be the first page after the homepage. This is very important.
  • You don't need a search box on top of the page. These on-site search features used to be a nice gimmick many years ago, but they are not relevant anymore. Today they are considered to be useless and cause damage.
  • Since you provide several types of services, the services link on the menu should include a drop down menu with the list of services. This feature would enable your visitors to quickly and easily access the service they are interested in.
  • Your website uses just 2-3 images and they are placed like brochure images. We strongly recommend using more relevant images and use them to empower your verbal messages. Users find it much easier to read short text paragraphs with images than long texts with no visual assistance.
  • It's very important to keep your pages highly focused. For example, the list of health conditions you treat should not be on the about us page. Also, the questions and answers section should be a separate web page. The "new patients" page is overloaded with too much content. It would be much more effective to split it into several sections.

case study

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