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Website Review Case Study For Busbargain Transportation

A professional website review report for a transportation website, designed to improve performance and boost profits.

Review Brief

Website: busbargain.com

  • Homepage: The scrolling images on top of the page are fine and relevant. But there are a few problems with these images: (a) These scrolling effects slow down web pages; (b) Scrolling on mobile devices is pretty useless because mobile users don't stare at them; (c) The images are "mute", with no headlines over them.
  • It would be much better to use one single high quality image with a powerful headline. It will also speed up your page which right now has a (Google) score of only 56/100.
  • There is no need to place the reservation form right on top. It would be better to lead your visitors patiently to a dedicated reservation page.
  • Placing the vehicles list right after the top banner is a big mistake. Why would a new visitor look at the list if you didn't say yet even one word about your business?! Imagine new customers entering your business office... Would you send them directly to the parking lot to see vehicles without saying anything?! What you need is an opening text. A few short paragraphs to introduce your business and articulate your most important advantages.
  • On mobiles, it gets even worse! Users who enter your website on a mobile phone can see only the reservation form. Why would they fill out the form without reading first about the company and its services? Another problem is that you don't have any text in the above-the-folder area, which is very important for your SEO. The above-the-folder area is the content users can see on their mobiles before starting to scroll down.
  • The section that displays the uses of your transportation services is very important. But the way you display these uses is not good enough. What you need are cards. Cards are columns. Each column includes a short title on top, an image below the title and then a short description below the image. Each card can be linked to a dedicated web page for the specific service. This is the best and most efficient way to showcase your services and help visitors make fast decisions. Your mobile version has no images at all, which is a mistake. By using cards you'll be able to display the images and services on both, desktops and mobiles.
  • "Why choose us" is not a good title. First, why would you tell them to choose you if you didn't say a word about your company and services? Secondly, "why us" pages are usually separate links on the main navigation menu.
  • The navigation menu should be improved. Right now it's much too basic.
  • I don't think you need the sign in/login process. It's a severe obstacle that may annoy prospect clients. If as a client I want to hire your services, why would I need this complex process? I'd prefer to call you directly and move on.
  • One last thing... It's not critical, but the logo makes a bad impression. Since it's not a professionally designed logo, you'd better use a nice font to simply write your business name, with no heavy graphics. The simpler the better.

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