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Website Review Case Study For Blazingoods Consumer Products.

A professional website review report for a consumer products website, designed to improve performance and boost profits.

Review Brief

Website: blazingoods.com

  • Let's start from the top of the page. I'd take off the top stripe, for 2 reasons: (a) it doesn't make sense to send away your new visitors to Amazon the moment they've landed on your website; (b) the social media icons are not that important to deserve the top of the page spot. These two elements are an unnecessary distraction.
  • The image slider on top of the page is not a good idea. First of all, sliders slow down pages. This is probably one of the reasons why Google gives your page a speed score of only 40/100, which is not a good score. Secondly, sliders are ineffective on mobile devices. They used to be very popular in the desktop-only websites era, but not anymore. Mobile users don't have the patience to stare at these presentations. What you need is one static image with a powerful headline over it.
  • "The water bottle you need" is a very generic headline that doesn't say anything special. You need a much more powerful and motivating headline.
  • The navigation menu is good, but it needs a few changes: (a) Take off the home link. The standard today is to use the business logo as the home link, avoiding duplication problems. (b) Add the essential "contact" link to the menu. (c) Take off the search feature. In-site search used to be a nice gimmick many years ago, but not anymore. A well-structured website doesn't need a search feature. Moreover, a search option with no guidelines can be extremely confusing and frustrating.
  • Below the main visual you placed 4 products and that's it. Your homepage has verbal content, which is a BIG mistake! Would you welcome a new customer in a brick-and-mortar shop without saying a single word to a new client?! Before displaying information about your products, you MUST add a few short text lines. Introduce yourselves and tell new visitors what's special about your business or its products. Besides, with no texts, search bots won't be able to index your relevant search terms.
  • I wouldn't rush to sell products on the homepage. You have dedicated inner pages for this purpose. So instead of "add to cart", I'd write "read on".
  • It's not critical, but don't place the business logo at the bottom as well. Your branding section should be only on top.
  • Since you have a very simple navigation menu, there is no need to place it at the bottom as well, and definitely not with the "links" title. This outdated practice can damage your business image and make you look amateurish.
  • Inner pages: Your product web pages are built as basic catalog pages, with no introduction. For example, the water bottles page should start with an introduction to explain what's special about these bottles, or what are their most popular uses. This is very important. Also, you'll have to explain why different colors have different prices.
  • About us: This page will have to be improved! First of all, "about us" pages are like "company profile" pages. Topics like when the business was established, team members, expertise, achievements, special qualities, etc. In this respect, the first sentence is not relevant.
  • The layout of the two images is wrong. Why would you place images one above the other?

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