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Case Study - Review Report For Billings Ultimate Fitness Website

A professional website review report for a fitness website, designed to improve performance and boost profits.

Review Brief

Website: Billings Ultimate Fitness

  • Homepage: Before going into details, let's start with the speed problem. Google gives your homepage a score of 31/100, which is a very low score. It means that your page is very slow. Slow pages are a big problem for users (especially mobile users) and may impact your search rankings.
  • When landing on your homepage I was "assaulted" by 2 annoying popups. One of them wanted to send me notifications, the other wanted me to spin something. I strongly recommend taking them off.
  • Your business name/logo shouldn't be placed in the center like a title. It should be on the left side and the navigation on the right side.
  • Don't start the page with the "join" call to action. Why would anyone join at this preliminary phase? Let them first browse the page and see what you have to offer. Furthermore, this join section covers the "hunt" title, making a bad impression.
  • Next, you go straight to the catalog. No welcome text, no introduction, no explanation. This is wrong of course and may send away new visitors. Your homepage shouldn't be part of the product catalog. Your homepage is the place to convince new visitors that they have landed on the right place and that your products are their best option. You can display a few featured products, new products, products on sale, most popular products..., but not collections.
  • Your homepage has no text at all! Search bots won't be able to index your search terms and users will find it very difficult to understand what you're actually offering.
  • Placing the club topic as the first link on the menu is not a good idea. Before asking people to join you must first explain who you are and what you offer.
  • You'll have to include an about us link on the menu to explain who you are. It can strengthen the confidence of your new visitors and convince them that they can trust you.

case study

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