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Website Review Case Study For Artistic Pro Home Improvement.

A professional website review report for a home improvement website, designed to boost performance and profits.

Review Brief

Website: artisticprogccorp.com

  • I checked your homepage with Google's lighthouse tool. The page received a score of 9/100! This is an extremely low score, which means that your homepage (and website) is VERY VERY slow. Slow web pages are a nightmare for users and they affect the page's search rankings.
  • Your website is in fact a one-page website. The navigation links lead users to the different sections on the homepage and not to separate inner pages. This is not a good idea. You should use instead separate inner pages for every topic on your website. It will be much more effective for both, users and search engines.
  • Let's have a look from the top of the page. Your business name/logo has been placed as a page title, which is wrong. The main headline, which is "General Handyman - Plastering and Painting Services", has been placed as a sub-header in small font, instead of a large headline.
  • Placing a large visual (image) on top of the page is fine. But what you need is a high-quality image with a large headline or statement over it. Not a detailed list of services.
  • The about section should be a separate "about us" web page. It shouldn't be on the homepage. Also, the background of this section is an outdated graphic element that no one uses anymore. It only slows down the page and makes a bad impression.
  • "About us" pages are like business profile pages. Things like when the business was founded, team, expertise, facility, etc. The text you have now doesn't belong to the "about us" section but to the "services" section.
  • The "before and after" section is a very important section! Again, it should be a separate web page and not part of the homepage. Also, the video is not enough because not all users can or want to watch videos. You have to add images as well.
  • Today websites don't use subscriptions anymore because users are not willing to give away their personal information.

case study

These are just a few preliminary comments. A detailed report has been created for the business owner.

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