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Case Study - Review Report For Allenpilling Accounting Website

A professional website review report for an accounting website, designed to improve performance and boost profits.

Review Brief

Website: allenpilling.com

  • The top visual of your homepage is excellent. The problem though is that it's almost impossible to see the business name/logo or the links of the navigation menu. This is a severe design mistake that must be fixed.
  • It's highly recommended to place a powerful headline or statement on the top visual. The impact of such a visual will be much stronger than the impact of a "mute" visual.
  • Google gives your homepage's speed a score of 42/100. This is a pretty low score which means that your homepage is too slow. Slow pages are a big problem for both, users on mobile devices and search engines.
  • "...our philosophy is simple, we provide...".
    The comma after simple must be replaced by a hyphen.
  • Below this short introduction you placed a large image that shows team members. This is not a good idea because at this preliminary stage, your new visitors will most probably expect to understand what exactly you offer and what's special about your services.
  • Below the team image you placed a slider to introduce your services. The problem is that sliders are highly ineffective for this purpose. Moreover, they slow down web pages. What you need instead are a few cards. Cards are design elements that include a short title on top, an image below the title and a short description text below the image. Each card should be linked to the respective inner page. Cards are MUCH MORE effective than sliders.
  • Since the homepage shows a large group of team members, your visitors will be under the impression that it's a large company. As a large company, its "services" section shouldn't be built as a basic list. Dedicating a separate web page to each service would make a much better impression.

case study

These are just a few preliminary comments. A detailed report has been created for the business owner.

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