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Case Study - Review Report For Aetuniforms Website

A professional website review report for an apparel website, designed to improve performance and boost profits.

Review Brief

Website: AET Uniforms

  • The top visual (banner) is nice and displays high-quality images. The problem though is that most website visitors won't stop to stare at this presentation, especially users on mobile devices. A better option would be to use one static visual with a powerful headline, and display the main types of uniforms lower on the page, using cards.
  • By the way, the images and the descriptions are not properly synchronized. As a result, I saw the medical staff and below the description "facility management". Using the option I suggested will solve the problem.
  • There is no need for a "home" link. The standard today is to use the logo/business name as the home link. It also prevents duplication issues. Also, it's highly unusual to use text beneath the links in order to "explain" them. These descriptions are displayed only on the desktop version anyhow, so you can definitely take them off.
  • Don't use all capital letters for your headlines. It is considered to be bad practice for lots of reasons. And you shouldn't use 2 headlines, one after the other. Either use one single headline, or use a main headline and a subheader.
  • The "Who are we" title doesn't belong to the homepage, it belongs to the about us page. The first and most important thing new visitors should read on the homepage is NOT information about the business but about its offers. Tell your visitors what you offer, tell them why you are their best option and articulate your advantages. These are the things that will encourage them to keep browsing.
  • The rest of the homage is divided into two main parts: lots of text and then lots of images. This is wrong!! It's highly ineffective to impose so much reading on your visitors. By the time they reach the images, they'll be exhausted. Moreover, reading long lines of text on desktops or laptops is a very difficult task. What you need to do is to restructure the whole page. Texts must be written as short and focused paragraphs and the images must be embedded near the texts.
  • I don't know if your texts have been translated by an algorithm or written by a person who is not a native English speaker. Either way, for people who speak English, these texts are very difficult to understand. It will make a bad impression on new visitors and you may lose lots of potential clients. Your messages and information will have to be rewritten.
  • "We are specialized in". These 6 descriptions are fine, but why are you using icons and not images? The icons have absolutely no impact, while images could be much more effective. Also, the text lines on desktops are not properly aligned.
  • Vision/mission/values are an outdated gimmick that no one uses anymore. I'd take the off completely. But if you insist on keeping them, place them in the about us section. Not on the homepage.
  • "Why choose AET" is important. But you should create a separate "why us" page. This information shouldn't be placed on the homepage because it overloads it.
  • "AET UNIFORMS TRENDING GOOGLE SEARCHES". This is a very bad idea! It's not only totally irrelevant for your website visitors, but it is considered to be search spamming! Search spamming can get your website penalized. You should take off this section ASAP.
  • After the homepage, the next page on the menu must be "products" and not "about". Users never read about a business before reading first about its offers.
  • About us page: On desktops the top banner is truncated, making a bad impression.
  • It doesn't make sense to write "welcome to..." on an about us page because people never land on an about us page first when visiting a new website.
  • The text on an about us page should be about the company, not about the products.
  • Products page: People who click on the "products" link will land on a page full of images without text. Then, they'll have to click on an image and go to another page. This is not good practice. You should create a dropdown list of links under "products", so that users can land directly on the required page.

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