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Utilize the Power of Short Phrases

People today don't have the time and motivation to read long texts anymore. Long phrases tend to dissolve very quickly within the massive sea of content and the attention span is now very short. To capture attention and get your point across you must condense your messages in short phrases.

Slogans are one of your best options!

Ediwriter's Examples of Advertising Slogans

Diet Is for
Weight Losers

Slogan example for restaurant & diner

Explore the Excitement of Silence

Slogan example for a yachting & sailing company

Producing Sounds. Creating Feelings.

Slogan example for a loudspeakers company

AI. When Technology Gets Emotional.

Slogan example for a hi-tech company

Contours of Xtreme Creativity

Slogan example for an architect & interior designer

Stimulating Delicious Senses

Slogan example for a restaurant

Visualizing Your Inner Temptations

Slogan example for beauty & cosmetics

Placing Your Smart Decisions on Hold

Slogan example for a pub & bar

The Insane Flavor of Culinary Ingenuity

Slogan example for a restaurant

Experience the Relief of Zero Life Gravity

Slogan example for a travel agency

The Wealthy Smiles of Smart Investors

Slogan example for real estate investments

Best Dental Care For Selfies

Slogan example for dentist & dental clinic

Everything But Living With You

Slogan example for a real estate agency

Tasty Meals With Happy Endings

Slogan example for a restaurant & bar

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Why Do Slogans Have Such a Strong Impact?

Slogans Attract Attention

As a short and effective statement attached to your business name and logo, the slogan attracts immediate attention. It helps customers memorize your business, setting you apart from the competition.

Slogans Stick in Mind

A good slogan that is based on a smart or funny statement will hook into your customers' subconscious, sticking your message in their minds. It will amplify your brand, creating sharp market distinction.

Slogans Lead to Action

Slogans are highly effective in driving prospective clients to action. They have the power to motivate evoke and influence decisions. They create a clear simplified path for your audience to follow.

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