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Case Study - Review Report For Adventure Mates Website

A professional website review report for an adventure community, designed to improve performance and boost profits.

Review Brief

Website: adventure-mates.com

  • Although the homepage is not overloaded with too much content, Google's page speed score is only 59/100, which is pretty low. A low score means a slow page, which is not only an SEO problem but also a big problem for users on mobile devices.
  • The navigation menu is a bit too basic and it doesn't help users to understand the overall structure of your website. For example, "marketing" is not a good name for a navigation link.
  • Search engines give high priority to the above-the-folder area (the area mobile users see before scrolling down). This area must include at least a headline and a short text. Since your top visual is very large, your above-the-folder area includes only the image and headline. That's not good. You need to size down the image and add a sub-title. (The huge image is one of the reasons the page is slow).
  • The headline is a bit too generic. This is a generic statement that doesn't really say much. I'd replace it with a call to action related to your services.
  • Below the top visual you placed another headline. Placing 2 headlines one after the other is not a good idea. Furthermore, the 2 headlines use dark backgrounds, creating a pretty gloomy atmosphere which is the opposite of what you need.
  • "Your adventure community awaits". I don't think it's clear enough what you mean, definitely not at this preliminary phase. Also, I don't think you should tell people that you'll help them find what they love. I'd use a more friendly approach like "Your best opportunity to experience exciting adventures and make new friends"...
  • Titles should use capital letters and they shouldn't end with periods.
  • Don't use the "learn more" link. First of all, users today already know that they can browse the website to understand what you offer them. Secondly, your visitors are not students who came to learn, but potential clients looking for solutions.
  • Next, you placed another huge image, which is mute! This is wrong of course. You can definitely use the image, but make it much smaller and place some text beside the image.
  • The texts that follow should also be improved.
  • Take off the newsletter sign-in. In our social media era, newsletters are a thing of the far past. It's totally outdated.
  • The adventures pages shouldn't use sliders to display routes.
  • A "become a mate" page should be just a form with some basic text. Most of the text you have now on this page doesn't belong here. For example, answers to questions (which are very important), should be on a separate FAQ page. Pricing should also be on a separate page. The gray area should be on a "how it works" or "get started" kind of page.

case study

These are just a few preliminary comments. A detailed report has been created for the business owner.

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