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How to Build & Design an Accounting Website

The best kickoff for improving or developing a new accounting or CPA website. The do's and don'ts, including reviews of accounting websites.

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accounting and CPA website design

Coping With the Tough Accounting Competition

Wherever your accounting office is located, there are probably many other similar offices targeting the same market and offering more or less the same services. To stand out from the competition and attract more clients, you must use your website to make a strong impression and convince new visitors that you are their best option for accounting and CPA services.

Is your website effective enough to achieve this goal and boost your performance?

Reviews of Accounting Websites

Harvey Altman is a NY based accounting company. At first sight their homepage makes a nice impression, mainly because of the professionally designed branding section and large headline. But there are several elements that ruin the first impression.

For example, why would the huge top image of an accounting website display a few dark mountains? What do these mountains have to do with accounting? For skilled philosophers, the mountains may symbolize financial challenges. Only that most of an accounting website visitors are not philosophers.

"Providing an atmosphere of support and expertise" is not a good headline. First of all, unlike fashion or jewelry websites, accounting websites don't offer atmosphere, they offer professional solutions. Secondly, expertise is definitely not a matter of atmosphere.

accounting and CPA website design
accounting & CPA website design

Mute Visuals Are Not Effective

La Salle Accounting displays an impressive image of a big city at night. This image could be fine for a travel website, but not for an accounting website. Furthermore, the visual is "mute". It doesn't include a powerful headline, which is a big mistake.

It's perfectly fine to write the business name in a nice font without developing a fancy logo. But the business name shouldn't be centered like a page title.

The navigation menu that follows is also not good enough. For example, the about us link shouldn't be placed before the services link because visitors never read about a business before reading first about its services. Also, there is no such thing as "links" on a navigation menu. Newsletters is also a problematic link because in our social media era it looks outdated.

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Avoid Duplicate Navigation

The website of Lapointe & Sonnier Bookkeeping is simple and to the point. Only that their homepage has several flows that must be fixed. The first one is the unnecessary duplicate navigation menu. Since the top dropdown menu details the company's services, there is absolutely no need to display a second menu on the right.

The opening text is good, but too long. To display such a long text, Lapointe & Sonnier will have to break the text's flow with a new row, including a nice relevant image.

The section below the opening text looks bad. First of all, the title is "our team", yet they show only one accountant. Second, this section doesn't belong to the homepage. Third, the poor layout with the small image makes the page look like a brochure.

accounting & CPA website design
accounting & CPA website development

Don't Stuff Images

Joanna L. Cave Accounting overloaded their homepage with lots of elements that do not belong to a homepage, or that have no impact on new visitors. The homepage starts with a hero image that is not clear and a bit difficult to understand. Furthermore, the image is 'mute' - it doesn't have any headline, which is a mistake.

Since all the texts have been placed together, this is actually a one-page website. Not a good idea. New visitors won't be impressed by this basic website, and search engines won't be able to index relevant search terms.

The 'our services' section is a basic bulleted list. No explanations, no details and no content. Just a list. After the short list they placed a row of useless images without any texts. There is no doubt that such a basic website can ruin the company's business image and damage its reputation.

When people land on your website you have just one short opportunity to explain why your accounting services are their best choice and why they should trust you. Don't waste it!

How to Write Effective Content For Accounting Websites

Pinnacle Taxes is an example of an effective accounting and tax preparation website. The homepage starts with a headline and sub headline, covering the first and most important messages the websites wants to deliver.

The following opening text is clear and well phrased. It introduces the company and explains its main professional advantages. It explains the challenges of tax preparation and offers professional assistance.

The homepage includes several cards, which are very useful design tools. The cards are well structured, articulating the company's main services. Each card is linked to the respective inner page for further details. The page ends with a contact form that enables new visitors to get in touch right away.

content for accounting website

Any website can deliver plain information. But only a well developed website can convert visitors into clients.

The 3 Main Elements of a Successful Accounting Website

There are many things you can do to bring new visitors to your website, but mainly 3 things to make them choose your accounting services: effective messages, good rapport and strong confidence.

It doesn't matter if you own or manage one of the best accounting services in your area. If your website has an outdated design with cheesy content, slow pages with irrelevant images, ineffective layout with a poor marketing structure..., then it's a totally useless marketing tool. And the worst part - it can severely damage your business image and reputation.

Remember! The first impression shapes your visitors' confidence. If your website makes a favorable first impression, your visitors will feel confident enough to contact you and order accounting or CPA services. If not, they'll click away disappointed, looking for additional options.

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