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Ediwriter |July 2023

Review Brief

Website: shopriichluxecosmetics.com

  • Your homepage looks very nice and impressive, mainly because of the beautiful images. The main problem though is that it lacks content to engage new visitors. You're hardly "speaking" to your new visitors, which is not a good idea.
  • If you look at your page, you can see you have only one single text paragraph. Do you really think that this paragraph is enough to keep new visitors on the website and convince them to buy your products?...
  • Scrolling images on the top visual is not a mistake, but it is considered to be ineffective. Why? Because (a) users today don't have the patience to stop and stare at these presentations, and (b) it slows down the page. A single static image with a catchy headline and sub-header would be more effective than scrolling images.
  • "Luscious lips" is not enough. It's just a basic description. Whether you keep scrolling images or use one single image, use a real headline and subheader.
  • The "home" link in the navigation menu should be removed. It's best to use the logo as the home link to avoid duplication issues.
  • Take off the small popup about the rating. No one today takes seriously these notes. It can only ruin your credibility.
    This is a nice and original statement. But first, don't use all capital letters. Second, it should be:
    Natural Beat. Natural Beauty. Be You. (Or be yourself).
  • "beauty should be accessible to everyone"
    This is a very cheesy and banal phrase. If you'll search this phrase on Google you'll find more than 6000 places that use this exact phrase. Moreover, the following phrase, which is very good, has nothing to do with this phrase.
  • The homepage shouldn't be a shopping page. You have enough inner pages to sell products. The homepage should focus on attracting attention, stimulating curiosity and empowering your visitors' confidence. The homepage can display special products, new products, products on sale, etc..., but it shouldn't be just another catalog page.
  • The large image on the bottom is very nice, but it's "mute". You should place over it a strong call to action. Tell visitors what you expect them to do at this point or why they should buy your products.
  • If I click on "lips" on the navigation menu, my only options should be lipstick and lip gloss. The main "lips" link shouldn't be active, it's very confusing. The same with the rest of the links on the menu.
  • - The about us page is actually a company profile page. It should include topics like when was the company established, the team behind the company, values, expertise, future plans and so on. Unfortunately, most of the content you have now on this page doesn't belong to an about us page. Most of it belongs to the homepage.
  • Also, why would you start the page with "welcome to..."?! New visitors rarely land on the about us page. They get to this page after visiting other pages, so there is no reason to welcome them to this page.
  • Do not repeat the text you have on the homepage.
  • The about us page doesn't have to look like a boring Word document. This page "deserves" 1-2 images as well.

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