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Ediwriter | May 2023

Review Brief

Website: idealgroupservices.com

  • Homepage: Although it's not an overloaded page, it's a very slow page. Google gives it a score of 30/100, which is a low score. Slow pages are very annoying for mobile users and they damage search ranking.
  • The top visual is fine. But there is too much text on the visual. I'd replace it with: Large font: Personalized Residential and Property Management Solutions; Smaller font: Our local South Florida experts call it home for over 20 years!
  • "Ideal Group Services, LLC." - Your business name should not be a page title. Your business name is part of your branding, not part of your marketing content. What you need is a powerful marketing-oriented title to attract attention to the text that follows.
  • There are a few problems with the opening text of your homepage. First, don't use bold text to deliver your messages. Regular font is much better and more effective. Second, the first paragraph is actually a loooong list. Text lists are considered to be ineffective because users hardly remember what they've read. Third, don't use third-person phrasing. Instead of "Ideal Group Services, LLC. is a company that strives", write something like "Ideal Group Services is a prime property management and maintenance company"...
  • "The inspiration for the company"... This phrase belongs to an about us page, not to the homepage. In this preliminary phase, people who land on your homepage want to know what exactly you offer, how you can help them, or what's special about your services. They don't really care what was the inspiration...
  • Since the website is a responsive website, (mobile friendly), the layout of your messages should be different. Right now the text looks a bit like a Word document. What you need to do is to use several rows. Each row should include a short paragraph or two and an image beside the text.
  • The 7 images you have now below the text should be transformed into cards. Cards are columns that start with a title, an image below the title and a short description below the image. Each card leads to the respective inner web page. It will be MUCH more effective than what you have now, and it will make the page must faster.
  • On the navigation menu you need to take off the "home" link. The standard today is to use the business logo as the home link. It avoids duplication problems.
  • Services page: Services is one of the most important pages of any website. Unfortunately, your services page looks just like a Word document on a blue background. It's not only a nightmare for mobile users who will have to go through endless scrolling, but it can also ruin your business image. In other words, your visitors may think "if this is how their website looks, how can I trust these people with my property maintenance services?!".
  • Owners page: Design consistency is very important. In this respect, using a white background on the services page and a blue background on the owners page is a big mistake.
  • About us page: This page looks even worse than the other pages. There is no space between text lines, titles use different font sizes and you mention people without portrait images.

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