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Dropping the How-to & Top-10 Lists

Ediwriter | November, 2018

By giving huge priority to websites articles and blog posts that start with how-to and top-10 lists, Google created an almost uniform database of search results. Whatever you search on Google, most of the results that pop up are these 2 types of pages.

Google's initial intention was good. It made perfect sense to teach people how to do stuff or classify answers by relevant priorities. Only that the SEO herd immediately identified the opportunities and took control over the page results. The addiction became incurable.

As Google's search fans we used to enjoyed it. That's one of the main reasons for Google's success. It became common standard to be asked a question and Google the answer. We learned a lot by reading all those how to articles or watching the how to movies. Only that after a while it started to get on our nerves.

The web soon switched into the how to mode. For every simple topic or every basic question you're doomed to read the how to articles. Wedding anniversary day approaching and you're checking hotels? "How to buy the perfect present...?"... "How to satisfy your woman on your anniversary day?"... "How to survive the wedding anniversary day?"...

And then we have the lists mania. Google favored lists so on every topic we have lists now. Bloggers experts and gurus converted everything in our lives into lists and top reasons. Wedding anniversary? No problem! "Top 10 reasons for not breaking up on your wedding anniversary day"... "Top 5 reasons for inviting your mother in law to your wedding anniversary day"... "Top 2018 wedding anniversary presents you can't miss"...

Well, I think it's time to stop it, Google. You've got to find a way to reward people who write original stuff, not only useless and boring how to articles. You've got to find a way to encourage writers to get creative again and not just fill up pages with useless lists. I know many people who don't even have to read the how-to article to know it's a total waste of time. They just see the blogger's name and they run for the hills.

Yes, I can assume that this article may trigger a few dozens of "How to stop the how-to pattern" articles. Or "10 top practices to stop the top-10 lists!". But it doesn't matter. The important thing to take away is that (a) Google must stop encouraging the standardization of search results and (b) writers must drop this dying SEO practice and get back to original thinking and phrasing.




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