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Powerful business slogans for the retail industry

The retail industry is the second largest industry in the U.S., and it's based on a majority of single-store or small chains businesses. What this means is - tough competition.

Whether you're part of a wholesale network or you own a specialty store, you need to stand out and deliver a strong business image. You need to position yourself as a market leader and build powerful branding. That's exactly what the retail slogan is all about.

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A short phrase that creates a long term impact

Your retail slogan is extremely important because it's part of your business identity and branding. An effective slogan will not only distinguish you from the competition, but it will also affect the way your target market perceives your image and reputation.

As a retail business your slogan is much more than telling your clients that you provide great services or products. A good slogan attracts attention, makes a strong impression and helps your clients memorize your brand. This short powerful statement is actually an authentic reflection of your professional pride.

Commercial slogans may be short phrases, but their impact is significant. Today, when each one of us is exposed to a huge number of advertising messages each and every day, the power of a short and highly focused message can be tremendous.

But not every short statement can be used as a slogan. While an effective commercial slogan can be very influential, a weak, boring or unimaginative statement can severely damage your business image. That's exactly why you need the knowledge and talent of a professional expert!

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Take advantage of Ediwriter's affordable offer!

Ediwriter is one of the most sought after and renowned online resources for original slogan ideas. As a specialized copywriter with more than 18 years of professional expertise, I'm probably your best choice for ordering fresh new ideas for your commercial slogan.

Over the past years I've created commercial slogans for almost every industry on the market. A wide range of advertisers, websites and businesses have enjoyed my vast experience and specialization and took advantage of this highly creative online service.

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How does it work and what do you get?

The price for creating a new retail slogan is only $150. This affordable price is based on my vast expertise and creative talent, which enable me to provide the same professional level major ad agencies provide for much higher prices (I know, I've been there). Take advantage of this opportunity and order your business slogan now!

  • 3 original ideas to choose from
  • Affordable price, only $150
  • Quick turnaround of only 24 hours
  • All ideas are personally created by Eddie
  • Free use of the chosen winner

What if you don't like my ideas?

It rarely happens, but it's a possibility. If you'd like me to tweak the ideas I've sent you, no problem at all. I'll send you a few more similar options for free. The other alternative is to choose the Extended Slogan Project, which includes 10 original ideas for only $250!

So let's get started now! If you have any questions before starting your project, please email me and I'll reply as soon as possible.

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