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Since you can't meet your visitors in person, your website's texts are your only means to communicate your information, messages and calls to action. Powerful, well written texts will make a lasting impression, establishing authoritative credibility. Poorly written texts will ruin your business image, sending your new visitors to the competition. That's an indisputable fact.

Yes, the website's design is important but it can't compensate for the absence or poorly phrased texts. A creatively designed website with no texts will make a great... useless first impression. A superbly designed website with bad content will just leave your admirers' money on the table. Not to mention the devastating consequences on search engines!

website text
Professional guidelines for writing powerful website texts
Business Image Affects Credibility

Credibility is key

Your Business Image Affects Your Credibility. Credibility should be the main objective of every marketing-driven website. Your online customers are suspicious and have high expectations. In order to build credibility in a virtual environment you need to present a professional business image. Your professional business image must be based on sharp, intelligent texts, on impressive visuals and on an effective layout.

Highlight benefits

Explain Features but Highlight Benefits

To efficiently reach its goals and affect your visitors' in-site behavior, your website text has to explain how your products or services' advantages set apart your business, what features or services you offer that give you a definitive edge over the competition and what's your unique value proposition. You can't do it by wasting your visitors' time on plain information, promotional adjectives, useless gimmicks or a confusing navigation structure. You can do it only by using professional copywriting, an effective layout and a logic navigation flow.

Talk to clients

Talk to Users Not to Search Bots

The search engine optimization process is an essential part of the website text writing services, but keep in mind that traffic itself won't generate sales. When you optimize a web page, optimize it for both audiences: search engines and readers. Pay special attention not only to text that appeals to search engine spiders, but also to the needs of your visitors. Your conversion rates will depend on your ability to target the emotional needs of the reader, as well as the logical needs of the spiders.

personalize messages

Personalize Your Marketing Process

Personalization is another essential component of effective webpage writing. If your messages are flat and devoid of personality, you will not be able to effectively motivate your target audience and create positive relationships with your visitors. By using personalization you're turning the virtual online communication into an individualized relation controlled by a real human being.

show self confidence

Demonstrate Strong Self-Confidence

Given the high expectations of today's users, their basic suspicions when landing on a new website and the tough competition, you can't compromise on amateurish messages and poorly written texts. Don't jeopardize your professional pride and business image. Demonstrate self-confidence and leadership, staying in line with the best in your market.

Avoid Hype and Pompous Jargon

Avoid Hype and Pompous Jargon

Keep in mind that nothing kills your credibility and business image faster and more efficiently than hype statements. Today's consumers couldn't care less about sales jargon laced with endless self-promotion adjectives. Nothing is more annoying for your visitors than website texts singing their own virtues. Today's users despise hype and sales pressure, but they appreciate simple, direct and honest communication. That's exactly what Ediwriter provides!

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