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Original Updated Website Content Is Essential

Today's savvy users have high expectations from websites they visit and do business with, always looking for fresh, timely and relevant content. At the same time search engines are clearly and undoubtedly prioritizing frequently updated web pages, placing them higher or search results. That's why it's so important to make changes and refresh your website's content.

If your website is poorly written and the texts never change, you are not giving your visitors much confidence in how you run your business, even if you are very good at what you're doing. If your texts are static, search engine spiders will classify your website as outdated or irrelevant, burying it deep down on hidden search results pages. That's why it's so important to keep your content fresh and update your web pages on a regular basis.

Refresh your website content to boost your sales

If you feel that your new visitors leave too soon, ignore your calls to action, or stopped placing orders, it's probably time to rewrite your website's texts. If you don't see your web pages on search results like you used to, or if you notice a sharp drop in the number of visits, it's time to refresh your content and messages. Don't compromise and don't give up! If you're not sure what needs to be changed, ask me to send you a free review report, including an in-depth analysis of your present content!

Rewriting a poorly written web page can have a tremendous impact on your website's traffic and conversion rates. Well written content will increase your ability to drive visitors to action, improve your business image and it will affect the way your visitors perceive your reputation. Website rewriting is not about fixing spelling or phrasing mistakes and it's not about grammar. It's about your sales and profits. That's why you need the help of a seasoned, specialized copywriter.

Ediwriter's website rewriting is an extremely valuable service because it focuses on the most important objectives of any business website: to generate sales, increase conversion rates and ensure the highest possible return on investment. My work will not only make your website better, it will also improve your competitive abilities and market positioning.

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Why Content Makeover Is So Important?

1. A Stronger First Impression

A Stronger First Impression

The impact of the first impression will determine the length of the first visit.

2. Clearer Messages

Clearer Messages

Clicking away is much easier than engaging in a fierce struggle to understand your content.

3. An Improved Business Image

An Improved Business Image

Users are not expecting total perfection, but they do value professionalism and credibility.

Let's Get Started!

As a marketing expert and specialized copywriter with more than 20 years of professional expertise, I'm probably your best choice for rewriting your website's content. Over the past years I've had the opportunity to rewrite and improve a large number of websites achieving measurable, proven results.

The content rewriting service is essential for many websites but critical for poorly performing websites. If your new visitors leave too soon, your sales are lower than you expected and your website reflects a weak business image, let's give it a new look. Contact me now and I'll send you a free website review with ideas on how to improve your website.

Fill out the Website Review Request form and I'll send you an in-depth report on your website's performance, including an improvement plan. Once you receive the report and approve it, you'll receive a quote for the rewriting process. Let's get started!

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