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When considering website maintenance services, the most important thing you need to keep in mind is that websites have no 'final versions'. Unlike the final version of a brochure that you send to print, or the final version of an article, the website is a dynamic marketing tool that requires constant updates and changes.

Obviously not all websites need the same level of maintenance investment. Shopping portals may need daily product updates while a local service website will usually need some minor quarterly content updates. But ALL websites need maintenance services! With no proper maintenance and updates, your website will soon become a static, outdated and useless marketing tool.

From content updates to design improvements

The overall look and content of the average website have matured significantly over the past years. Today, website visitors are savvy, expecting much more from websites they do business with. If your website looks amateurish or is poorly written, you are not giving your visitors much confidence in how you run your business, even if you are very good at what you're doing.

Your website visitors want relevant, updated information about your products and services. Successful live businesses today are dynamic and changes occur all the time. Obviously, your website must reflect these changes at all times. The problem is that not every business has the human, technical or time resources to keep its website updated. That's exactly when you need to outsource your website maintenance operations.

Ediwriter's website maintenance service makes it easy to keep your website current. Whether phrasing new content, adding information about new products or services, or changing images, contact me now to ask about my maintenance solutions.

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As a marketing expert and copywriter with more than 20 years of professional experience, I'm one of the most sought after resources for website maintenance services. Over the past years I've had the opportunity to improve, rebuild and update many websites, achieving proven results.

Before updating your website you can also ask me for a Free Website Review report! The website review is a $500 value service that you get totally FREE, with absolutely no commitment! The review includes: homepage, inner pages, navigation menu, content, marketing messages, usability analysis, headlines, layout, calls to action, search optimization and the overall business image your website projects.

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