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The Website Improve Project - How to Boost Your Performance

The 3 steps that will improve your business image, increase your credibility and maximize your sales.

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The Power of the First Impression

The first impression your web page makes on your new visitors has a tremendous impact on their decision whether to stay or leave.

A favorable first impression will retain their attention and keep them on the page for at least a few (very) precious moments. A bad first impression will ruin their confidence and send them away.

Yes, this is true even if you're offering great products or outstanding services. Why? Because at this preliminary stage the emotional mind prevails the rational mind.

To get a chance to target the rational minds of your new visitors and convince them that you are their best choice, you need to survive the emotional challenge. And that's exactly the purpose of the website improve process!

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The 3 Steps to Improve Your Website

1. A Free Website Review

the website review report

A free professional review and analysis of your present website's performance

2. The Changes Prioritization

the changes prioritization

A free consultation session to decide on the most critical and urgent changes

3. The Implementation

website improve implementation

The improvement process itself, including the agreed upon design & content changes

The Small Changes that Can Make a Huge Difference

If your website is aging or if it has been built with a very low budget just to create an online presence, then this is a great opportunity to improve it. Don't wait for the traffic to drop or the sales to reach a new low because the recovery process may turn much more complicated.

The extent of the website improvements will depend of course on your website's present performance. After reviewing your website I'll send you a detailed report, including suggestions and recommendations for improvements. Whether you'll need a few small changes or a complete makeover, at the end of the process your website will look beetr, deliver stronger messages, make a better impression and convert more visitors.

The overall look and content of the average website have matured significantly over the past years. Today, website visitors are savvy, expecting much more from websites they do business with. If your website looks amateurish or is poorly written, you are not giving your visitors much confidence in how you run your business, even if you are very good at what you're doing.

The website improvement process will start with a free overall review, which will include the navigation structure, the design and layout, the content, the homepage, the way you deliver your messages, the headlines, SEO elements and more.

A new visitor's first impression is affected by two main elements: design and content. But while even a basic esthetic design can be good enough to make a favorable first impression, boring information will send your visitors away. Yes, even if it's well phrased boring content. Not to mention poorly phrased texts and messages.

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Let's Get Started!

As a marketing expert and copywriter with more than 20 years of professional experience, I'm one of the most sought after resources for website improvement services. Over the past years I've had the opportunity to improve and rebuild many websites, achieving proven results.

Ediwriter's website improvement service is extremely valuable because it focuses on the most important objective of any business website: to increase conversion rates and sales. My work will not only make your website better, it will also improve your professional credibility and reputation.

Fill out the Website Review Request form and I'll send you an in-depth report on your website's performance, including an improvement plan. Once you receive the report and approve it, you'll receive a quote for the improvement process. Let's get started!

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