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Over the past 20 years I've created many successful business and advertising taglines, for almost every industry on the market. Whenever I watch TV commercials, listen to the radio, look at magazine ads or browse websites, I frequently bump into one of the many taglines I've created over the past years. I have to admit... it's always a pleasant surprise and a wonderful sense of satisfaction.

Ediwriter is definitely one of the best online resources for powerful business and advertising taglines. The following list of categories represents only part of the many industries I've been working with. Click on the specific industry that is related to your field of action, or click on one of the tagline samples to enter my samples page.

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I am Eddie, the owner of Ediwriter. I am a renowned art director and copywriter located in NYC. I specialize in building powerful websites, writing persuasive website content and producing creative branding.

Ediwriter is all about creativity, insight and competence - the single most important elements that distinguish excellence from mediocrity. My work affects impressions, opinions and decisions. My job is to shape your business image and increase the credibility of your messages. I do that successfully since 2001. Work with me and you'll be proud of your choice!

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