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Responsive Web Design - Creative Mobile Adaptation

All your visitors must be given an equal opportunity to benefit from your website regardless of their screen size, platform, orientation and network speed.

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The Mobile Challenge

The number of people using mobile devices to browse websites is increasing exponentially. Lots of types of devices, with different screen sizes and resolutions. What this means is that your website must look good not only on desktops, but on each one of those devices.

Responsive design is not just a new design technique, but an entirely new mindset. It's not just about grids, larger fonts or smaller image sizes. It's about using less content, more focused messages and on-the-go browsing conditions to deliver the same persuasive message you used to deliver on convenient large desktops. And that's definitely not an easy job!

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Responsive Design for a Responsive Presence

The concept of responsive web design is very clear: make sure that your website can be viewed properly on all users' devices and provide the best possible experience in terms of usability, navigation and response. If you'll send your visitors to buy new glasses to read your tinny font, drain their mobiles' batteries with desktop size images, or force them to scroll until they start feeling vertigo, you'll send them away to the competition even if you offer great products or services.

Responsive design involves the utilization of grids and special layout methods, image optimizations and CSS media queries. It requires a much more effective structure of the marketing process, with shorter and stronger messages. Going responsive is no longer an option or a matter of choice. It's the essence of your online presence, profitability and reputation.

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Let's Get Started!

If you already have a desktop website, let's convert it into a responsive website so that users on mobiles will also be able to browse it. If you're starting a new online venture, let's build your responsive website from scratch.

Ediwriter is one of your best options for going responsive. Not because of my technical skills in writing responsive code, but mainly because of my proven ability to deliver your messages to your targets in the most effective way, regardless of the browsing device they are using. I will match your marketing process with any possible device, increasing your response rates and boosting your profits.

If you believe in your services or products, then let's use your website to show it! Let's convert your website into an effective marketing tool that can improve your business image and boost your sales. Contact me now and let's get started!

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